Impact financing - for companies that generate value for society

With Social Impact Banking, we unify our activities for a fairer and more inclusive society. Using impact financing, we finance investments by companies and charitable organisations that help to improve society.

We focus on companies in the following sectors:

  • Health care and social assistance
  • Education and training
  • Social housing construction
  • Social tourism
  • Social farming
  • Protection and enhancement of cultural heritage
  • Companies in all sectors with the goal of advancing the vocational integration of disadvantaged groups

Benefits for you and your customers:

Under the motto "Pay4Success", we reward the efforts of your company to achieve measurable improvements for society and provide funds that you can pass on to your customers. In addition, we offer support in the form of financial training and knowledge exchange and help to increase your visibility.

We will be happy to advise you!
Our customer advisors will be happy to schedule a consultation with you in order to evaluate the social benefit of your project and put together an individual financing package for you - for example, for creating jobs for people with disabilities or enhancing a region with a cultural facility.

Impact financing in practice

Examples of organisations we have helped to successfully implement their innovative plans to help society.

  • New Ronald McDonald House in Salzburg
    A new Ronald McDonald House is being built in Salzburg with the help of impact financing. It will offer a total of 15 apartments that will host around 300 families per year. The new house is scheduled to open this year.
    The charitable organisation Ronald McDonald Kinderhilfe builds and operates Ronald McDonald Houses all over Austria that provide a place to stay for the parents and siblings of children who have serious illnesses and have to be treated at nearby specialist clinics. The five current Ronald McDonald Houses provide roughly 1,100 families per year with "housing on demand" in the immediate vicinity of special clinics. The families can stay at the houses for the duration of their child's hospitalisation. Having their families nearby gives the patients strength and confidence and supports the healing process.
  • ÖHTB workshop for deafblind people and individuals with severe hearing and vision impairments in Vienna
    The charitable organisation Österreichische Hilfswerk für Taubblinde und hochgradig Hör- und Sehbehinderte (ÖHTB - Austrian Association for Deafblind People and Individuals with Severe Hearing and Vision Impairments) purchased a newly constructed property in the Sonnwend area of Vienna's 10th district for a new workshop for deafblind people and individuals with severe hearing and vision impairments. The new location meets all of the legal requirements and secures jobs for 57 people with hearing and vision impairments as well as for 19 care workers on a long-term basis. The purchase of the property was made possible with impact financing.
  • Site expansion for innovative wheelchair manufacturer Klaxon Mobility in Arnoldstein
    The small company Klaxon Mobility, which was founded in 2015 by two wheelchair users, can transform virtually any wheelchair into a battery-powered three-wheeler with its invention, the Klaxon Klick. Thus far, more than 6,000 products have been sold all over the world. The company is seeing double-digit percentage growth each year, and is therefore expanding its location in the Carinthian town of Arnoldstein. We supported Klaxon Mobility's continued growth with impact financing.
  • The first impact financing project was implemented in 2019 - with the financing of the "Dorfgemeinschaft Wienerwaldsee", an innovative residential and workshop concept for young people with a high need for assistance located in Purkersdorf, Lower Austria. Along with a residential community for 30 people, day care possibilities were created for an additional 16 people. We provided the sponsoring organisation with a discounted long-term loan that was used to help finance the investment costs.