Growing success together

As a strategic financial partner, we are accompanying businesses on their path to success more than ever before – with our expertise, dedication, and tailored financing solutions.

In order to be ready for sustainable success, it is especially important now to have a financial partner at your side who knows the needs of your company and supports you with vision and the right financing solutions so that you can be successful over the long term. 

We support you in uncovering liquidity potential and taking equity-boosting measures, and works with you to develop tailored financing solutions that not only fit your project but also the individual circumstances of your company.

Financing and subsidies

In the current situation, it is important to diversify your financing structure in order to emerge from the crisis stronger and hit the ground running again. On the basis of a 360-degree analysis, we work closely together with you to develop the optimal financing mix for your company, comprising conventional loans and subsidies.

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Sustainable finance for businesses

Companies that want to invest in the future now can use sustainable subsidies and financing instruments on a targeted basis to boost their competitive strength.

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Factoring and working capital solutions

Working capital solutions including factoring represent the ideal follow-up financing for when government support measures are discontinued. Selling receivables to the bank creates more freedom in terms of liquidity, which has a positive impact on a company’s balance sheet ratios and rating.

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Uncovering liquidity potential

BusinessPlanner, the professional financial planning and controlling tool, brings hidden liquidity potential to light. The future impact of various scenarios on your company can be simulated, thus making it easier to plan your success. BusinessPlanner is available in three different versions depending on the size of your company.

Equity-boosting measures and capital market solutions

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