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Records - payment transfer forms

In compliance with a European SEPA regulation Austrian banks will be making changes to the way in which they process voucher-based payment orders as from 1 February 2016.

What will the changes involve?

Previously, a copy of the voucher of the payment order was sent to the bank of the beneficiary. As from 1 February 2016 the instructing bank will send the information relating to a payment order to the beneficiary’s bank only electronically. The copy of the voucher will be retained by the payer’s bank.

Information on the payment reference

In processing terms the SEPA regulation requires that preference be given to an existing payment reference for forwarding purposes. It is possible that an additionally printed text in the “Reason for payment” field may not be forwarded to the beneficiary. The text from the “Reason for payment” field will be used in the absence of a payment reference. Please take this change into account for your processes.

Which vouchers can be used?

The standard Austrian payment vouchers (payment instructions) are subject to certain norms. You can therefore use the payment vouchers of the bank for your customers, or you can have your own vouchers printed pursuant to defined criteria. The requisite documentation and requirements (technical specifications, scale drawings, coding template and samples of forms) for this purpose are available from the “Studiengesellschaft für Zusammenarbeit im Zahlungsverkehr GmbH” (Stuzza). A test bundle of at least 20 vouchers must be submitted to Bank Austria for approval prior to the bulk printing of self-printed vouchers.

What needs to be done in the case of international transfers?

In Austria, transfer vouchers for international payments (international payment order) are standardised.
The left section of the international transfer in A4 format is the same at all banks. Here you can use the Austrian standard international transfer form (can be ordered via your Bank Austria relationship manager) or a Microsoft Excel form which is only applicable for Bank Austria (available as a download).