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On the basis of the European SEPA Regulation, since 1 February 2016 the information on a credit transfer from the instructing bank is forwarded only electronically to the beneficiary's bank. The copy of the receipt stays at the initiator's bank.

Information on payment reference 

The SEPA Regulation stipulates for processing that an existing payment reference for the forwarding is preferred. It may be the case that an additionally printed or supplemented text in the field "purpose" may not be forwarded to the beneficiary. If no payment reference is stated, the text from the field "purpose" is used. Please take note of this change for your processes.

What receipts can be used? 

The payment transaction receipts that are standardised across Austria (credit transfers) are subject to certain norms. You may thus use the bank's payment transaction receipts or print your own receipts, based on established request criteria, for your customers. If needed, you will receive the required documents and guidelines (technical requirements, dimensioned sketches, coding patterns and sample printouts) from the Studiengesellschaft für Zusammenarbeit im Zahlungsverkehr GmbH (Stuzza). Before mass printing of self-printed receipts, a test batch of at least 20 receipts must be sent to the bank to be released for mass printing after they receive a positive review.

What must be followed for foreign transactions 

Transfer receipts for payments abroad (foreign credit transfer order) are uniform in Austria. The foreign credit transfer form (see download box) is to be used for foreign payments outside of the SEPA territory or inside the SEPA territory for non-EUR payments.


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