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Sustainability is our core business, and it is a key element of our mission statement.

We UniCredit people are committed to generating value for our customers. As a leading European bank, we are dedicated to the development of the communities in which we live, and to being a great place to work. We aim for excellence, and we consistently strive to be easy to deal with. These commitments will allow us to create sustainable value for our shareholders.

Corporate sustainability in Bank Austria

For us, corporate sustainability means doing business in an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable manner.

Corporate sustainability means enjoying long-term business success while at the same time acting in a way that is ecologically and socially responsible (the so-called "three dimensions of sustainability").

Acting responsibly is the foundation of sustainable business; but acting responsibly is impossible without long-term business success.

Our commitment to sustainability

Responsibility and sustainability are the cornerstone of our understanding. Sustainability is central to the mission and operation of UniCredit. We are working to ensure that our efforts in and approach to the important field of sustainability will continue to be harmonized, streamlined and rationalized in order to generate synergies beneficial to both our stakeholders and the world around us.