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Financial inclusion

As a Group, we believe that a key measure of economic development is the number of people participating in the modern financial system.
We are focused on facilitating vulnerable group’s access to financial services and products, as well as on improving their financial literacy.
Moreover, we consider it our responsibility to keep close tabs on the potential social, economic and environmental impacts of our business. To this end, we are working to enhance our responsible finance strategies by following applicable international standards, developing special reputational risk policies and creating responsible products.

Basic account: A bank account for everyone

Holding a bank account is not a matter of course. Today there are many people who do not have a bank account but need one urgently.

We know how important a bank account is in everyday life. A bank account is necessary for many aspects of life including a job and a home. The payment account with basic features in accordance with the Austrian Consumer Payment Accounts Act (“basic account”) meets the need for settlement of day-to-day payments without offering an overdraft facility. The basic account is available for all those who do not already hold a bank account in Austria and have their lawful residence in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Services at a glance

Account maintenance fee (charged at the end of each quarter)

  • Standard fee: EUR 20.00
  • Reduced fee for persons who are in need of special protection in economic or social terms: EUR 10.00

The following services are included:

  • All accounting entries arising from
    • Credit entries
    • Credit transfers online / at Bank Austria account managers (self-service machines), possible only within the EEA
    • Credit transfers at the counter, possible only within the EEA
    • Standing orders, sweep orders and direct debits
    • Transactions with the BankCard in euros within the EEA
    • Cash withdrawals at the cashier’s counter / at ATMs of Bank Austria (self-service machines)
    • Cash deposits at the cashier’s counter / at Bank Austria cash managers (self-service machines)
    • Accounting entries triggered by the bank (e.g. account maintenance fees, charges and interest)
  • Changes to and cancellation of standing orders via OnlineBanking and at the counter
  • Electronic account statements
  • Account statements at Bank Austria account managers (self-service machines)
  • 1 BankCard with/without Maestro limit
  • OnlineBanking incl. MobileBanking App
  • 24h ServiceLine
  • Maestro SecureCode

The basic account is an essential contribution to financial inclusion, i.e. the widely discussed demand for not excluding anyone from access to financial services.

This is actually what the basic account does: making a contribution to giving people access to financial services, including people who at some time experienced, or are currently experiencing, financial difficulties.