The new online banking of Bank Austria.


The online banking for companies.

Photo transfer - take a photo, sign and you’re done!

With the photo transfer function, you can manage your transfers with a photo. You can easily and conveniently take photos of the paper invoices, payment slips etc. with your smartphone and the rest will be done by the app.

This will save you the tedious typing of payment details. The payment is approved as usual by entering the TAN.

Photo transfer

Fingerprint - securely log-in without PIN

Unable to find the login details for your mobile banking app again? That’s no longer a problem with the fingerprint function.

Once set up, logging in via fingerprint is a comfortable and secure method to access your banking transactions.

A man is holding a phone and does the fingerprint

Now download the mobile banking app

The latest version of the app for your smartphone is available in the app store of your respective provider.

Other app functions

MobileTAN Push

No need to enter the MobileTAN manually again. You will get your MobileTAN via a push notification directly in the mobile banking app and you can sign your orders in this way. You can directly accept the MobileTAN Push notification with a click in the signature field.


Do you want to quickly check the recent transactions or the account balance without having to login? You can see the account balance and the recent transactions at a glance. To know how to activate the widget on your smartphone, go to the tutorial in the mobile banking app under Settings/Widget.

Share IBAN

For the times when you have paid the restaurant bill for your friends again: share your account IBAN easily with one click: just go to the account details in your mobile banking app and click on the share icon, the number is then copied and it can be sent via mail, WhatsApp etc.

Scan QR-Code instead of typing

Spare yourself the tedious typing of contact details and bank details. Just scan the QR-Codes and all the payment details are automatically inserted.

ATM finder

No matter where you are at the moment, with the ATM finder function of the mobile banking app, the next ATM is always close to you. The finder localises an ATM near you from about 8,700 ATMs across Austria.

Account balance and account limits

With the mobile banking app, all your cards are at hand immediately and neatly. In the card menu, you can directly view the account balance and the card limit.

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