Bank Austria has been committed to a fair and positive working environment for many years. In doing so, we place a strong focus on gender equality. 

This is evidenced by UniCredit's inclusion in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI) for the second time. The inclusion occurred on the basis of a global threshold set by Bloomberg, which UniCredit has met and exceeded. The GEI also ensures a high level of transparency and engagement across the five pillars of the GEI assessment methodology. The GEI 2021 includes 380 companies from 44 countries and regions and 11 sectors. 

Gender Balance

UniCredit has launched a Group-wide Gender Balance Program with the aim of creating fair and equal workplaces for women and men and consolidating these values in the corporate culture. This measure is supported not least by the signing of the "Women in Finance Charter" in June 2018 by the then UniCredit CEO in London. 

Target achievement, particularly at the management levels, is determined in an annual dashboard for the Strategy & Nomination Committee, the so-called Nomination Committee. The proportion of women on the Supervisory Board remains unchanged at 36 percent, but women also make up 33 percent of the extended Executive Committee. In the process of selecting candidates for management positions, great importance is attached to ensuring that there are candidates of both sexes who have undergone a fair assessment for the respective position.

Georgina Lazar, Head of Human Capital UniCredit Bank Austria
Georgina Lazar, Head of Human Capital UniCredit Bank Austria
Equality in the workplace

We are firmly committed to achieving gender equality in the workplace through HR processes - from inclusion in recruitment, targeted career development for female managers, continuous improvement for equal pay and the development of our "Speak Up" culture. I am very proud of what we have achieved and it shows that we are on the right track and encourages us to continue our journey.

30 percent women in senior management by 2023

The further target is now to achieve a 20 percent share of women in senior management by 2022. Last year, UniCredit reaffirmed this important promise - with a further-reaching target of 30 percent women in senior management by 2023. 

This commitment of the bank is underlined by concrete Group-wide initiatives with ongoing monitoring. In 2019, the first cross-country and cross-sector international mentoring program WeFly was launched to support female colleagues in middle management in their professional development. Special "Inclusive Leadership" programs as well as "Unconscious Bias" training were rolled out Group-wide for all managers to ensure they have the right tools to continuously create a more inclusive work environment. 

Both the valuation methodology and the GEI itself are voluntary and do not involve any costs. The GEI is a reference index and does not serve as a financial benchmark. There is no ranking within the GEI.
For more information, please visit the GEI website.

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