Informatoin about technical insurance

With technical insurance for your equipment and machines, your company receives financial compensation for any damage or theft.

When do I need a technical insurance policy?
If the value of your technical equipment or machines is very high. For example, X-ray equipment, machines, computer systems, production systems.

Depending on the agreement, the technical operating equipment is insured:

  • individual devices or machines
  • the entire office technology for a flat rate
  • computer systems incl. data carriers

The devices are insured against everything external that may that affect them. This also applies to damage caused by clumsiness, operating errors and liquids. In the event of damage, you will receive the current value of the affected devices.


  • An employee pours a cup of coffee over an expensive machine.
  • When operating a production machine, a part breaks off.
  • An employee trips and his laptop falls out of his hand.
Legal information
1 Care4Business Versicherungsdienst GmbH (a 100% subsidiary of ERGO Versicherung Aktiengesellschaft) acts as an insurance broker and provides consulting services.
UniCredit Bank Austria AG acts only as a tipster.

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