What is company liability insurance and how does it protect you?

A business liability insurance protects you if claims for damages are made against you or your business.
According to the law, you are liable for damages that you or your employees cause to others in the course of your business. If you are confronted with unpredictable claims for damages, you are threatened with high financial burdens - even in the case of unjustified claims.

How does business liability insurance protect you?

You are protected in that lawyer’s fees, expert’s fees and court costs are covered. This makes it easy for you to take action against unjustified claims for damages. In addition, your insurance company will cover the payment of justified claims for damages within the framework of your agreed insurance conditions.


  • Dr P. is wrong about a treatment series regarding the dose of medication. As a result, the patient continues to experience pain and the treatment time is prolonged. The patient sues the doctor for compensation for pain and suffering and loss of earnings.
  • During the treatment the patient’s clothes are soiled. He claims damages for the unusable suit.
  • Despite extensive prenatal examinations, a severely handicapped child is born. The parents demand compensation for the care of the handicapped child.
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