One of the essential goals in the area of financial education is to promote financial competence on the part of young people and young adults.

Besides the communication of knowledge to school students, focus is given to young people outside of schools and those threatened by social exclusion.

We catch the young people and young adults where they are: playing football, in the Children’s Village, studying in the café. The young people do not have to come to the bank because the bank comes to them. The first workshops were jointly implemented with SOS Children’s Village and Caritas – partially directly in the football cages of the Cage League.

The contents also deal with the everyday life of young people: Are 0-Euro mobile phones really free of charge? What traps lurk behind online shopping and how do I recognise fake shops? How do I plan my personal budget and what errors must I avoid when handling money?

Interactive games, quiz questions and discussion rounds make for a youth-appropriate communication of the topics.

“I would have never believed that learning about money could be so much fun.”

By integrating the financial education workshops into the further educational offering of social NGOs such as Caritas or SOS Children’s Village, the caregivers also profit directly from this.

The high demand on the part of NGOs clearly shows that UniCredit Bank Austria have addressed an important topic here.

Mag. Philipp Trojer project employee of the Cage League, Caritas of the archdiocese of Vienna
Mag. Philipp Trojer project employee of the Cage League, Caritas of the archdiocese of Vienna
The financial workshops of Bank Austria touch a nerve with our players of the Cage League, the street football project hosted by Caritas Vienna.

The earlier they learn conscientious handling of money, mobile phones, the Internet and so forth, and/or the debt risks associated with them, the less is the danger of financial problems arising later.

It is precisely in our very special setting – open football training sessions in the park facilities of Vienna – that these interactive and youth-appropriate events offer the opportunity for sustainable education outside of school. Since May 2019, more than 100 kickers have participated in the workshops – while having a lot of fun doing so!