Build awareness – Playfully reducing the ecological footprint

The Green Efficiency Tool is an interactive game that can show us in minutes the many possibilities of keeping our daily ecological footprint as low as possible. The areas in the game are also similar to our new branches.

Keeping processes and products as commercial and also as environmentally friendly as possible is not a contradiction - just the opposite. In order to keep ecological sustainability from becoming an empty catchword, we must all align our concrete actions with it.

The Green Efficiency Tool clearly shows that thinking about the environment and commercial activity can be combined. Bank Austria’s employees have taken the time to get important tips about how to deal with our resources.

Operational environmental protection in the office begins with your own behaviour. The cheapest and most environmentally friendly energy is still the one that is not used at all. So in order to reduce electricity consumption you can always start with yourself. However, infrastructure must be looked at in order to ensure substantial savings and real environmental protection in the office.

This is how the Green Efficiency Tool functions

The tour can be started in any room. In every room there are certain tasks to complete that are indicated by a green blinking light. All of the tasks add to the reduction of the ecological footprint.

After completing every task a status display is inserted to show how far you have advanced in the game. The info screen shows many tasks have been completed and how much electricity, water or waste has been saved through the actions taken.

To actively contribute to environmental protection, simple things like turning off the screen, which you can easily forget, can be very effective. Through these simple actions and tips you can save 35 euros per person per year. Waste separation, turning off lights and unplugging charging devices all make a significant contribution to environmental protection. In this way, not only are CO2 emissions reduced, but so are costs!

Within the framework of the external audit carried out by Quality Austria - the environmental certification ISO 14-001 provides for a yearly external review - the tool received very positive feedback:

Friedrich Smida, Auditor QualityAustria

"Raising awareness and communicating to the employees are important aspects in the further development of an environmental management system.

Bank Austria has created, with the Green Efficiency educational tool and other communication tools, a very good instrument to involve the employees in environmentally-friendly behaviour in a playful way. This is useful, not only in the company, but also in the private sphere."

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