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As from 1 January 2007, customers wishing to make cross-border transfers in Europe will be required to state the recipient´s IBAN (International Bank Account Number). You should obtain the IBAN details from your business partners and pass your own IBAN data to them.

What you must expect if you do not state IBAN and BIC

  • Bank Austria will continue to carry out payments for its customers without the IBAN until further notice.
  • Substantial charges may be incurred: if the recipient’s bank makes a charge to Bank Austria because the IBAN is missing, this will be passed on to the initiator or payer.
  • In the worst case, the amount to be transferred will be returned following the deduction of substantial charges. This may also entail additional costs for you, such as reminder fees or the forfeiting of discounts.

Bank Austria customers find their personal IBAN and the BIC in the bottom line of their account statements and in OnlineBanking (Financial Status - Account details).

Of course you can also give an EU cross-border payment order easily and conveniently via TelefonBanking on tel. 05 05 05-15. Further details are given in the new item "Internal Market order" under OnlineBanking. 

IBAN calculator

Bank Austria has decided not to make available an IBAN calculator. Tests of IBAN calculators made available by other banks and other providers have shown that input mistakes – e.g. input of a 9-digit account number – can lead to wrong results. In such cases, payment orders cannot be executed at the same price as domestic transfers, or not at all. Therefore the beneficiary should be contacted directly to find out the IBAN of his/her account.

You can use the 24h ServiceLine (within Austria: 050505 25) around the clock to enquire for an IBAN at Bank Austria. For any such enquiry, a correct 11-digit Bank Austria account number must be indicated.