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BusinessNet - the Banking Portal

BusinessNet, the most modern banking portal in Austria, is an individual work and information platform that enables businesses to use the Internet optimally for their financial dealings. Make your day-to-day work easier with a comprehensive range of transaction and other banking services. Use the individual authorisation structure to organise your financial transactions flexibly. And sign your orders electronically together with your partners whenever you like and wherever you are.

BusinessNet is currently the most secure option available for completing sensitive financial transactions over the Internet. Select from our product lines BusinessNet Basic, BusinessNet Classic and BusinessNet Professional. All three of these banking solutions are built up around online transactions, core banking functions and business services, and are designed to maximise efficiency and optimise your workflow in accordance with the size and needs of your company.

You don’t have to install any special hardware or software to use the system. BusinessNet can be accessed from any computer with Internet access and an Internet browser. And the portal is continually optimised and improved with regular releases that are installed automatically.