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Main features

  • Favourable value dates: One business day from the ordering customer to the beneficiary.
  • FlashPayment helps you to exploit the full benefits of your credit terms.
  • Precise planning made possible by guaranteed processing and value dating rules.
  • Faster execution.

FlashPayment enables you to settle international payments to Germany, Italy and to countries of Central and Eastern Europe very fast.

Payment orders are given as usual using BusinessNet, BusinessLine, OnlineBanking, etc. Take advantage of our banking network to settle payments: just meet the requirements and the payment will qualify for favourable value dates and will be credited earlier to the payee's account.

The network for your success

To use FlashPayment you will need to route your payments through our banking network in Europe.

Country Name of bank  BIC 
Austria UniCredit Bank Austria AG, Vienna  BKAUATWW
Bosnia and Herzegovina UniCredit Bank a.d., Mostar  UNCRBA22
Bulgaria  UniCredit Bulbank AD, Sofia  UNCRBGSF   
Croatia  Zagrebacka Banka d.d., Zagreb   ZABAHR2X
Czech Republic UniCredit Bank Czech Republic, a.s., Prague   BACXCZPP
Estonia  AS UniCredit Bank Estonian Branch, Tallinn  UNCREE22
Germany  UniCredit Bank AG, Munich
Bankhaus Neelmeyer AG, Bremen 
Hungary  Unicredit Bank Hungary Zrt., Budapest  BACXHUHB
Italy UniCredit S.p.A, Rome  UNCRITMM
Kazachsthan  ATF Bank, Almaty  ALMNKZKA
Latvia  AS "UniCredit Bank", Riga  VBRILV2X
Lithuania  AS UniCredit Bank Lithuanian Branch, Vilnius  UNCRLT22  
Poland   Bank Pekao SA, Warszawa   PKOPPLPW
Romania   UniCredit Tiriac Bank SA, Bucharest  BACXROBU 
Russia  ZAO UniCredit Bank, Moscow  IMBKRUMM
Serbia UniCRedit Bank Srbija a.d., Belgrade  BACXRSBG
Slovakia   Unicredit Bank Slovakia A.S., Bratislava  UNCRSKBX  
Slovenia  UniCredit Banka Slovenija d.d., Ljubljana  BACXSI22  
Ukraine  UniCredit Bank LLC, Lutsk  DEKRUA22


Requirements for outgoing transfers from a Bank Austria account in Austria

  • The beneficiary's account has to be with one of the network banks.
  • Only a transfer in euro from a euro account (or a transfer in the local currency of the beneficiary's country from a respective foreign currency account) qualifies for FlashPayment. Payments with a currency conversion either on the sending or on the receiving side are not eligible.
  • The beneficiary's account number and BIC, or the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and the BIC (Bank Identifier Code), are always required.

Requirements for incoming transfers to a Bank Austria account in Austria

  • The bank of the ordering customers has to be one of the network banks.
  • FlashPayment transfers have to be in euro and can be credited only to a euro account.
  • The account number and the BIC, or the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and the BIC (Bank Identifier Code), are always required.