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Vehicle leasing

Main features

  • Up to EUR 300,00 eco-bonus.
  • Not tied to any brand.
  • Own funds not needed.
  • Choice of different leasing options.
  • Favourable collision damage insurance.
  • Internet bonus.
  • Online leasing calculator which also prepares an offer.

We invite you to a leasing check.
Aside from the vehicle, many car dealers also offer standardised lease finance arrangements. What at first sight could have the appearance of a convenient and attractive proposition may turn out to be less enticing upon closer examination. Why not visit your Bank Austria branch for a leasing check?

Tailored to your personal needs.
Regardless of whether you are looking for a nippy little town car, a van to accommodate family and children, or a sporty off-road vehicle. Bank Austria offers custom-tailored lease finance solutions of UniCredit Leasing (Austria) GmbH, a member of UniCredit Group, for all brands and models – efficiently, without red tape and at competitive rates. And one further advantage is that paying the car dealer in cash significantly strengthens your negotiating position.

New or used?
Leasing is suited for new vehicles and for demonstration cars and young used cars, provided a first-time registration has already been obtained for the latter as leasing vehicles.

Leasing or loan?
With leasing instalments you only repay the difference between the purchase price and the residual value, while with a loan you are financing the full purchase price of the vehicle. Leasing therefore entails a lower monthly investment than a loan. In addition, in the case of a later sale of your vehicle the buyer can simply take over your leasing agreement with the favourable instalment payments. This makes it easier to find a buyer, especially in the case of expensive cars.

Your personal leasing offer:
You can compute the leasing instalments for your dream car with the passenger car leasing calculator. We invite you to visit your Bank Austria branch for a customised leasing offer.