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Building and living

The dream of a bautiful home...

We spend much of our lives within our own four walls. We withdraw to our home to recharge our batteries, to spend time with our family or celebrate with friends. A place where one, quite literally, feels at home is key to a successful life.

With tailored housing finance, it can become reailty

It is however not always so easy to make one’s dream of a home come true: whether it’s building a house, buying an apartment, converting a property or renovating an apartment – in most cases the investments exceed the savings that have been put aside. This is why Bank Austria offers you a flexible financing option tailored to your specific housing project. Your financing "package" will still adjust to your circumstances in 20 years – and not vice versa. 

HypothekarDarlehen (Mortgage loan)

Bank Austria’s HypothekarDarlehen (mortgage loan) is the ideal solution for financing the purchase of an apartment, for acquiring and converting an attic as living space, and for renovating and modernising apartments in old buildings unless you are eligible for assisted housing finance.

Main features

  • Long terms of up to 25 years.
  • Broad financing scope.
  • Floating or fixed interest rates
  • Flexible dates for commencing repayment.
  • Mortgage collatera

Flexible date for commencing repayment.
The date for commencing repayments can be agreed on an individual basis, thereby enabling you to minimise any financial "double burden". You can moreover choose between a floating and a fixed interest rate.

Term of up to 25 years.
The amount of the loan depends on the value of the property and your income. The loan has a term of up to 25 years. The loan is secured by way of entry in the land register.

Bau- & WohnKonto (Building & Living account)

As a central pivot which serves to handle all amounts credited and all payments, the Building & Living account enables you to bridge, quickly and simply, any financial bottlenecks during the realisation of your housing project.

With the Building & Living account you can pay your current expenses until the building society loan or the assisted housing loan or the proceeds from the sale of your old apartment have been paid into your account.

Main features

  • Central pivot of your housing finance.
  • Flexible drawdown of funds.
  • Fast availability.
  • Customer can determine the method for repaying the funds.
  • Interest only payable on the amount outstanding.
  • Low monthly repayments.

You can draw the funds provided under the credit facility whenever you wish.
We agree on a credit line with you, which you can use whenever the need arises. You pay interest only on the amount outstanding. The principal is repaid only when the funds for which advance financing has been provided have been paid into your account.

FremdwährungsKredit (Foreign currency loan)

You have a foreign currency loan – with the Foreign currency calculator you can calculate the current euro equivalent of your foreign currency financing facility.

You can check with your account manager at any time whether it would make sense to convert your loan into euros and take with you any benefits you may already have acquired.

Euro-TopDarlehen (Euro-Top loan)

The Euro-TopDarlehen offers an interesting finance option for the purchase of a house and for the finance of land and the construction work.

The interest rate is linked to EURIBOR (the rate applied to euro-based interbank financing) and is adjusted at regular intervals.

Main features

  • Linked to EURIBOR.
  • During the term of the loan you pay only the interest.

Individual loan amounts
The amount of the loan is based on the value of your property. The loan has a term of up to 25 years.

Not applicable for non-residents. .