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Securing the foundations of our success

We can only act responsibly and in the interest of society on a long-term basis if we are successful in business.

Economic sustainability is a matter of course in business: Those who only think in the short-term and do not look ahead to the future will not survive on the market. The financial market crisis clearly demonstrated that short-term thinking is a dangerous strategy. Doing business sustainably means generating long-term added value for our company and for our customers.

Responsibility and sustainability: part of our self image.

Responsibility and sustainability are part of our self image. This means that we have to react to social changes and changing market conditions. This applies to various types of risk – not least to reputation risks.

As a company and a member of society, we must be open to what is happening around us. At the same time, we want to play an active, positive role in influencing processes of social change.

Environmental advice for companies
Practices that are harmful to the environment and existing pollution are potential risks for business. Thus, a detailed environmental plan is a decisive management factor in many cases. Bank Austria’s experts can support you in identifying environmental risks and developing solutions.