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Structured finance

Structured finance offers solutions for the structuring and optimisation of the liabilities side (financing side) of the balance sheet. These custom-tailored solutions focus on the company’s expected future cash flow development (excess liquidity generated by the company).

Key figures that form the basis of the financing structure (for example the applicable interest margin or the required collateral) are agreed in so-called covenants. This provides the customer and the bank with a comprehensible information system that serves to improve transparency.

Target group

Corporates with financing needs in excess of  EUR 10 million that want to expand their financial base to national and international capital and credit markets.

A concrete financing need is not required. A restructuring of existing financings is often well overdue: a “tangle” of uncoordinated debts and credit agreements has arisen over a number of years, many or all of which are based on framework conditions that have long since changed. These are even often based on oral agreements and could be cancelled at any time.


  • Adaptation to the company’s individual needs and possibilities (such as the cash flow).
  • Having one single credit agreement with a banking syndicate, companies can simplify terms, repayment conditions, interest rates and collateral, etc.
  • Measures to safeguard liquidity over the medium and long term with a reliable partner and on a transparent, calculable basis.
  • The company becomes more stable and improves its own financial standing, among other things.
  • Our proximity to the market allows us to optimise the structure of individual transactions (as a result of a continual analysis of the company’s financing and risk position portfolio) and to offer efficient solutions (after a detailed analysis of opportunities and risks).
  • Bank Austria is an experienced partner for the structuring and realisation of demanding transactions and for subsequent accompanying service.
  • Corporates that chose Bank Austria as the arranger for their syndicated financing facilities profit from the bank's experience and ability to underwrite large credit volumes and to then successfully place them on the national and international credit markets.


A structured financing succeeds if the actual needs and possibilities are analysed in an open and transparent dialogue between the customer and the bank.

After discussing the advantages and disadvantages and the opportunities and risks of the individual financing instruments, Bank Austria will recommend an individual, custom-tailored financing package (including the sometimes unfamiliar practices on the international financial market).

Your relationship manager at Bank Austria and the following product specialists will be happy to provide you with additional information.

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