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Integrated Corporate Finance

The worldwide market for corporate finance is undergoing fundamental changes, and Austria is no exception. As a result of the increasing influence of global trends, Europe is on the threshold of a new type of corporate financing.

The availability of capital and the price of this capital on the credit market will, as has been the case for years on the capital market, increasingly depend on the individual financial standing of each company. The creditworthiness of each company will be determined on the basis of an objective rating procedure.

Bank Austria has clearly recognised these new market demands, and in response has developed the new corporate customer consulting approach “integrated corporate finance (ICF)”. We have designed ICF to prepare our customers for the coming changes as well as possible, and to make it possible for them to use the new forms of financing that are oriented more strongly towards the capital market to their advantage.

ICF is a combination of financial-standing-oriented rating consulting, integrated financial planning and individual financing solutions – both for large corporates and small- and medium-sized, growth-oriented companies. In this, an increased focus is placed on alternative financing forms beyond traditional loan financing in order to better match the structural development of the company.