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Corporate social responsibility

A culture of sustainability

UniCredit is committed to ensuring the highest standards of social responsibility. In this respect, we have taken several steps to achieve this goal.

We invest in our people through professional growth and training programs, constant communication and continual dialogue in the same manner that we invest in the service quality provided to our customers and suppliers.

Our commitment calls for a constant involvement in the local communities in which we live and work in addition to promoting dialogue.

We recognize that, although our operations are not of an industrial nature, they still have an impact on the environment, and thus, we have adopted an environmental policy with a heavy focus on areas of "direct" environmental impact (power and paper consumption and waste production) and areas with an "indirect" impact caused by actions we can influence (credit policies, financial products, project financing and suppliers).

Our visual arts program, which is aimed at promoting young talent, is active and far-reaching: it encompasses a world famous collection consisting of over 50,000 works of art, a partnership with several modern art museums and funding for research. We maintain long-term relationships with musical organizations in Italy, Germany and Austria.