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What are escrow accounts?
Bank Austria offers a particular advantage with respect to escrow accounts: You can choose between a Collective escrow account, Escrow account and Electronic trustee register escrow account for lawyers in Vienna.

Electronic trustee register escrow account

With a "Clearance certificate", lawyers who are members of the Vienna Bar Association (Wiener Rechtsanwaltskammer) can use electronically secured escrow accounts. Other dispositions (cash withdrawals) are excluded.
The electronic lawyers' trustee register (eATHB [elektronische Anwaltliche Treuhandbuch]) offers a high level of technical security to trustees and beneficiaries with respect to trusteeships.

The process for the lawyers consists of two components:

  • the relevant Electronic Banking product "BusinessLine"
  • and the trustee module.

Although the trustee module is provided by the Vienna Bar Association, as a trustee you need the Electronic Banking product "BusinessLine".


Bank Austria's FirmAccount provides you with an ideal liquidity management facility and an easy way to process payments, for example for your invoices, salaries, insurance premiums for your law firm or loan or leasing payments for your office facilities.

Electronic balance sheet transfer

Instead of the standard process of handing over the balance sheet data or income and expense accounts on paper, we also offer a much simpler alternative: You can submit your annual financial statements to us electronically (in "xml" format) via OeKB [Österreichische Kontrollbank].


  • You save time and costs (paper and copying costs, delivery charges for sending through the post etc.)
  • No financial burdens at all: either for you or for your accountant
  • Secure and confidential data transfer by the Österreichische Kontrollbank.
  • If necessary, faster availability of the credit rating decision (e.g. if a loan is requested).
  • Prompt and automated feedback of information relevant to creditworthiness. You will receive an analysis report including a credit rating and an industry comparison

We look forward to welcoming you soon as a user of our electronic balance sheet transfer service. If you have any further questions related to electronic balance sheet delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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