As a doctor, you are committed to the health of your patients. We are committed to the health of your finances. For example, through the SuccessService for doctors and the special MedAccount.

What is the MedAccount?

If you run your own practice, you need a bank account with a variety of features. Bank Austria's MedAccount provides you with excellent liquidity management and convenient payment processing.

Open a MedAccount now, and receive the following benefits in the first year:

  • 100 euros bonus1 (on opening in the GoGreen-business account variant)
  • no account management fee1
  • free debit card (BankCard)2 for your cash transactions
  • free BusinessNet Smart3, the professional tool for online payments

At a reduced price, you will also receive:

Multi-account model for liberal professions

Do you receive income from self-employed and non-self-employed activities or simply want to separate your private expenses from your business expenses? Then we have just the thing for you.

With our multi-account model, you can combine different account models - to your advantage.

  • a personal account

SuccessService for doctors

This service offers all your financial services from a single source: from fast processing of your payments, the special MedAccount, and the financing of a planned investment to the investment of your capital and pension. You can rely on professional advice with appropriate discretion.

And because a positive, reliable partnership is not only concerned with financial matters, we have some very special offers for you on top of this.

Tailor-made provision

A business insurance bundle4 for doctors and consulting professions offers you precisely the level of security that you need and that is indispensable for your company:

Legal information
1 The savings of up to around 460 euros in the first year are made up as follows: 0 euros instead of 92.40 euros GoGreen business account 1 year free account management + 0 euros instead of 244.80 euros free BusinessNet Basic (or 0 euros instead of 72 euros free BusinessNet Smart) + 0 euros instead of 24.84 euros free debit card + 100 euros bonus. 
Especially for doctors, dentists, veterinarians and academic therapists with an annual turnover of up to 1 million euros in conjunction with BusinessNet Smart or Basic until 1 September 2024 for new customers who do not currently have a UniCredit Bank Austria corporate account.  The account management fee is waived in the quarter in which the account is opened and the four following quarters. Internetbanking BusinessNet Smart or Basic free of charge for the first year. The flat fee is waived in the month in which the Internet banking account is opened and in the following 12 months. Thereafter, the agreed account management and Internet banking fee will be charged. Details of fees and charges for the GoGreen Business Account are contained in the display Prices and Conditions for Domestic Payment Transactions and Account maintenance for corporate accounts and escrow accounts in Division Corporates
2 No card fee in the 1st year. Thereafter, the agreed card fee will be charged. The detailed fees can be found in the display for service, debit and credit cards.
3 Internetbanking BusinessNet Smart or BusinessNet Basic free of charge for the first year. The flat rate does not apply in the month in which Online banking is opened and for the following 12 months.  After that, the agreed Online banking fee will be charged. The promotion applies to new customers.
4 Care4Business Versicherungsdienst Gmbh acts as insurance broker and provides advice.
UniCredit Bank Austria AG only makes recommendations.

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