Note1 on the legitimate use of Base Prospectuses of UniCredit Bank Austria AG in the case of placements and resale of securities:
“In any subsequent resale of securities or final placement of securities through financial intermediaries no other prospectus is required as long as a valid prospectus is available in accordance with Article 12 EU-Prospectus Regulation – (EU) 2017/1129 and the issuer or the person responsible for drawing up such prospectus consents to its use by means of a written agreement (Article 5 (1) EU-Prospectus Regulation – (EU) 2017/1129).“

In the case of subsequent resale or final placements of securities through financial intermediaries UniCredit Bank Austria AG, as issuer, is also responsible for the information given in a prospectus pursuant to applicable law provided that such intermediaries use the prospectus within the scope of a valid consent granted by the issuer and in a manner constituting the obligation to publish a prospectus. The issuer accepts no liability for acts and omissions of financial intermediaries.

More details to the consent can be withdrawn from the respective Base Prospectuses combined with the Final Terms of the respective issue. In the event that after the publication of the Final Terms and Conditions, financial intermediaries in addition to those mentioned in the Final Terms and Conditions receive consent to the use of the prospectus, or other important new information on the legitimate use of the prospectus is communicated, this will be published on UniCredit Bank Austria AG’s website in this place (see below).

Publication relating to the "Fix-Floater-Anleihe 2016–2023 Serie 113" (ISIN AT000B043997):
After the publication of the Final Terms and Conditions of the above-mentioned bond, UniCredit Bank Austria AG has given its consent to the financial intermediary referred to below for use of the Base Prospectus including the Final Terms and Conditions of the bond referred to above for the purpose of simultaneous or subsequent resale or final placement of the securities pursuant to Section 3 (3) of the Austrian Capital Market Act (old):

• Schoellerbank Aktiengesellschaft, Renngasse 3, 1010 Vienna, Austria

1 This Note serves for information purposes only and does not substitute the issuer's declaration of consent individually granted to the financial intermediaries which alone is binding.