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Wellbeing & work-life balance

Our commitment to creating an inclusive environment includes our efforts to guarantee a safe work environment, promote employee well-being and help people effectively manage professional and personal challenges.

To support our employees and their families at different stages of their lives, we provide benefits designed to enhance their work-life balance.

In June 2008, UniCredit launched the Health Day for our people involving the prevention of serious diseases that have professional consequences and are generally linked to long absences.
The main objectives were to:

• increase employee awareness of the prevention of serious diseases
• promote the understanding and implementation of healthy lifestyles (e.g., diet, exercise, sleep)
• support colleagues returning to work after prolonged absences
• disseminate information and clinical best practices throughout UniCredit’s local territories
• provide employees with a new opportunity to interact with their international colleagues in a non-business context

Work and leisure: Life inside and outside Bank Austria

One of the great challenges of our times is work-life balance, i.e. the individual balance between professional and private life.

Bank Austria provides its employees with conditions for better reconciliation of family and career.

As far as we are concerned, flexible working hours and child-care offers are just as much a part of this as special leisure facilities for employees.

Bank Austria employee health service   

Bank Austria's Center of Health and Safety has already been caring for our employees' health for many years and has thus become part of the corporate culture.

Three Center of Health and Safety sites in Vienna and cooperation agreements with the Austrian provinces ensure that services are available to employees throughout Austria.

Bank Austria receives the seal of quality for "Workplace Health Promotion" (WHP)

The Vienna regional healthcare authorities (Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse; WGKK) conferred Bank Austria with the seal of quality for "Workplace Health Promotion". This was in recognition of the Bank’s comprehensive, long-term dedication to the health of its employees.