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Listening & dialogue

The engagement of our people measured by the People Survey has constantly improved in the last three years, achieving levels of excellence in the European financial services benchmark.

Our People Survey is the main pillar of our listening initiatives. It involves all employees in every country in 16 languages,  inquiring employee perceptions about topics like Leadership, Training, or Clarity of Objectives. The outcome is helpful to identify opportunities for improvement in the organization and to design and implement appropriate action plans.

UniCredit Day

The UniCredit Day is an evolution of the Integrity Charter Day, the annual Group event held since 2005 and focused on a discussion about our Values and their application in the everyday working life.

The UniCredit Day is a time to work together to acquire greater awareness of our Identity, through an initiative that involves at the same time all the employees in the Group.

Bank Austria employee commitment
Our company is built on the values of our Integrity Charter. The "fuel" that keeps everything "ticking over" is enthusiastic, motivated employees.

Motivation and enthusiasm cannot be produced to order. They occur when employees are involved, feel themselves to be an essential part of the company, and can actively shape its progression; in other words, when "listening" and "providing feedback" are integral components of corporate culture.

Bank Austria Mentoring
The mentoring scheme gives employees with great potential the opportunity to benefit from established colleagues' store of wisdom and experience for one year.

At the heart of the systematic and strategically focused scheme lies further improvement in personal and professional development opportunities, especially for women. One of the most important objectives is long-term integration.

During one-to-one discussions, mentors take care to encourage "their" mentees, give them support and offer them help with decisions.