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Taking external stakeholders into account

We are open to listening to people and their concerns, and we create opportunities for debating crucial social problems.

We know that we also have to take the needs and interests of our external stakeholders into account in order to do business responsibly and sustainably. We have done this in the past and will strengthen our efforts in this area in the future. We will get actively involved in processes related to the advancement and development of sustainability ideas.

International memberships

This also includes membership in institutions focused on developing and spreading the idea of sustainability. Examples of this are our membership in respACT – Austrian Business Council for Sustainable Development, our commitment to the Grünes Geld platform, our collaboration with the Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (ÖGUT) and our participation in the Central and Eastern Europe Task Force of the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP-FI).

We not only participate actively in social discourse, we also listen to critical opinions from the scientific community and civil society. This also reflects our understanding of responsibility and sustainability: We see both of these goals as an ongoing search that involves the constant critical examination of all aspects of our actions.

Constant learning process

Both socially and in business, sustainability is not something that can be achieved once and then maintained – it is a learning process that leads to a change in one’s actions. In this context, we are constantly striving to act responsibly and do business in an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable manner.