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Our community

Our business affects communities and stakeholders alike. As a leading European bank, UniCredit aims to support the growth and well-being of the local communities in which we live and work. We do so in the spirit of UniCredit’s mission, striving to bring our values to life every day and to strengthen our corporate identity.
At both the international and local level, we selected projects and partners with a view to our values and mission, potential reputational risks, specific types of programs and the concrete benefits generated for our stakeholders.

Sponsorships & donations
UniCredit carries out important sponsorship and charity initiatives, partnering with private and public entities

Gift matching programme
Our colleagues frequently contribute to worthy causes spotlighted by UniCredit through generous donations of their time, money, energy and skills. Such engagement energizes employees and facilitates the generation of new ideas

Our Corporate Foundations
Our corporate foundations support many economic and social development initiatives, promotes our Group’s Employee Community Involvement (ECI) program and academic initiatives in the fields of economics and finance, and to foster collaboration with prestigious European academic institutions.

Bank Austria: Helping socially disadvantaged people, supporting culture and science

The fair treatment of our employees is an important part of our social sustainability policy. A company that aims to do business responsibly also has to deal with the social dimension of its actions. This applies to its employees – and to the society in which it operates.

A long tradition

Bank Austria is an important player in the area of cultural sponsorship. This commitment has a long tradition at Bank Austria, as does providing support for disadvantaged people. These activities will continue to be an important part of our social responsibility.

We feel that it is important that our future activities in the field of social sustainability are closely related to our core business. This is why we are strengthening our activities in a field in which we have been involved for quite some time: education, science and research.

Employees as an essential factor for success

Our business success and the fulfillment of our social responsibility are highly dependent on our employees. Both of these factors are part of our initiatives in the field of social responsibility.