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Sponsorships & donations

UniCredit carries out important sponsorship and charity initiatives with the participation of colleagues and customers, partnering with private and public entities. Some activities tapped into the world of culture, using arts to generate productive encounters while promoting community growth and innovation.

As a Group, we devotes in the following areas:
• music and the visual arts, with a focus on young talent and innovation
• scientific research and education, as well as funding projects for the needy
• environmental awareness and conservation
• national and international sports events that speak to our brand and our values
At both the international and local level, we selected projects and partners with a view to our values and mission, potential reputational risks, specific types of programs and the concrete benefits generated for our stakeholders. When planning activities, we generally favor multi-year projects that demonstrate a lasting commitment, create sustainable value and facilitate synergies.

Do you want to know more about the Group’s community support? Please, click here.

Bank Austria supports culture and science and helps socially disadvantaged people.
We support the following initiatives:

Bank Austria "Best Start 2011" Sponsorship Award

SOS Children’s Villages house sponsorships
Read more: http://www.bankaustria.at/en/open.html#/en/21130.html

Assisting Young People in Crisis:
Read more: http://www.bankaustria.at/en/open.html#/en/21284.html

Read more: http://www.bankaustria.at/en/open.html#/en/27477.html

youngCaritas Käfig League
Read more: http://www.bankaustria.at/en/open.html#/en/27491.html

"BetriebsService" social fund
Read more: http://www.bankaustria.at/en/open.html#/en/21101.html

Social Sponsoring
Read more: http://www.bankaustria.at/en/open.html#/en/5128.html

Bank Austria is an important player in the area of cultural sponsorship.

A Partner for the Universities
When dissimilar partners - such as science and the business community – join forces, innovation often results from the combination of different competences, resources, approaches and talents.

Read more: http://www.bankaustria.at/en/open.html#/en/6897.html