Welcome at Bank Austria

UniCredit Bank Austria is one of the leading and best capitalized major banks in Austria and part of UniCredit. Our bank offers services that meet the most modern standards - 24/7, online, mobile and through our branches. 

UniCredit at a glance

UniCredit is a pan-European Commercial bank with a unique service offering in Italy, Germany, Central and Eastern Europe.

We serve over 15 million customers worldwide. They are at the heart of what we do in all our markets. UniCredit is organized in four core regions and two product factories, Corporate and Individual Solutions.
This allows us to be close to our clients and use the scale of the entire Group for developing and offering the best products across all our markets.

Digitalisation and our commitment to ESG principles are key enablers for our service. They help us deliver excellence to our stakeholders and create a sustainable future for our clients, our communities and our people.

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