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There are diverse possibilities for attractive financial investments. The best asset investment combines sound expert knowledge with the individual requirements of the people who have built up these assets.

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Your success is the sum of all your decisions and actions. The right weighting is decisive. Bank Austria Premium Banking has a qualified and responsible team of investment specialists who comprehensively manage your portfolio within the framework of asset management. This creates valuable space for you to devote yourself to the central and directional planning of other things that are important to you in life.

5 investment strategies – What type of investor are you?

Have you ever thought about what type of investor you are? With how much risk can you still sleep well at night and what investment goals are you pursuing? The five strategic approaches of our asset management vary in the degree of the mix of stocks and alternative investments in the portfolio. You have the choice and can thus remain true to your personal appetite for risk and individual growth expectations.

When investing your assets, our asset management team also draws on securities from our selected fund partners.

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Have assets managed

VermögensManagement 5Invest

Handing over selected tasks can be very easy. This is the case when competent and trusted persons act in your interest. You yourself take the time for an important decision and determine your personal investment style: The VermögensManagement 5Invest holds 5 investment strategies ready for you: conservative, traditional, balanced, dynamic and progressive.

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Asset management meets life insurance

Portfolio LIFE 5Invest

Life is limited – less with regard to possibilities and more with regard to time. In order to create lasting values, enduring and wise asset management is required. In order to pass them on, there is Portfolio LIFE 5Invest: The unit-linked life insurance combines the professional asset management of Bank Austria Private Banking with the benefits of a life insurance policy.

Important information to know about Portfolio LIFE 5Invest.

Portfolio Life 5Invest is offered within the framework of unit-linked life insurance products from ERGO Versicherung Aktiengesellschaft.

  • The performance of the underlying investment portfolio depends on the development of the international capital markets, interest rates, inflation rates and currency exchange rates. In addition, there are in particular also loan/issuer default risks. Furthermore, other risks such as liquidity risk, counterparty risk and valuation risk can also arise. That is why, under exceptional circumstances, there may be a total loss of the capital utilised or saved.
  • At the end of the term ERGO Versicherung AG will pay the monetary value of the contractual cover provision (value of the portfolio underlying the insurance contract) to you.
  • The investment does not offer any guarantee of capital preservation or income.
  • Before concluding the contract, please be sure to seek detailed advice from your advisor regarding the opportunities and risks of the different investment approaches.
  • The invested premium, i.e. the paid-in gross premium less 4% insurance tax for persons who are liable to tax in Austria (for persons not liable for tax in Austria, the respective tax law regulations of the country of their place of residence apply) and the costs of the insurance contract which can be found in the insurance application and the Special Terms and Conditions of Insurance will be added to the unit-linked cover pool by ERGO Versicherung AG. Assets that are dedicated to a cover pool constitute special assets in the event of bankruptcy. In the unlikely event of the insurer becoming bankrupt, the cover pool may only be used to satisfy the claims of the policyholder. In this unlikely case, you would receive the cover provision assigned to your insurance policy. This can also be lower than the amount that you have paid in.
  • The minimum term is 15 years. For customers (policyholders and insured persons) who are 50 or over when the contract is concluded, the minimum term is 10 years. Termination before the expiry of the first year of insurance is not possible. A termination before the expiry of the minimum term is possible but can result in capital losses as the surrender value, particularly in the first years due to the costs listed (cf. “performance of the unit-linked life insurance, costs of the insurance”), is substantially below the premium paid in.
  • In the event of repurchase of Portfolio LIFE 5Invest before the expiry of the corresponding minimum term, the fiscal consequences for persons liable for tax in Austria should be noted: 7% subsequent insurance tax, difference income tax. For persons not liable for tax in Austria, the respective fiscal law regulations in the country of their place of residence apply.
  • Please note that the fiscal handling depends on the personal circumstances of the policyholder and the tax benefits indicated can be lost due to future changes in the law, either in part or in full.
  • With regard to the fiscal handling, please contact your tax advisor.

In the brokering of insurance in an ancillary sector, UniCredit Bank Austria AG is a contractually bound insurance agent in the following areas for ERGO Versicherung Aktiengesellschaft, ERGO Center, Businesspark Marximum / Property 3, Modecenterstraße 17, 1110 Vienna:
Life and accident insurance
Property and liability insurance for the products
Home contents and home insurance
Motorised vehicle and comprehensive insurance for motorised vehicles

UniCredit Bank Austria AG is entitled to receive premiums and amounts intended for the customer. GISA number: 27506127.

The basic information sheet (overview of investment risks and opportunities) for Portfolio LIFE 5Invest can be found on the homepage of ERGO at: www.ergo-versicherung.at/priip.

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My way, my investment success

VermögensManagement EXKLUSIV

Have you always gone your own way? This should not change now as it is about the management of your assets. Good to know: even one’s own ways can be ideally taken with a companion. Your investment goals and our expert know-how results in the individual combination. With the VermögensManagement EXKLUSIV, the experienced asset management team of Bank Austria Private Banking acts with binding application of your specification. When investing your assets, they therefore do not follow any general investment pattern.

Important to know!

  • Risk of a change in share price: Fluctuations in share price are possible at any time due to the market development.
  • Risks of the special investment categories such as default risk with shares and bonds, risk of the change in interest rates with bonds, risk of falling prices with real estate. In the worst-case scenario, a total loss of capital is possible.
  • Currency risk if the special form of investment does not invest in euros.
  • No guarantee for the attainment or exceeding of a certain performance of the assets.
  • Expenses and fees reduce the income.

Important information:

This marketing notification does not constitute any investment advice or investment recommendation. In particular, it is not an offer and not a request to purchase or sell securities and does not constitute a request to submit an offer to take out an “VermögensManagement 5Invest”, an “VermögensManagement EXKLUSIV” or a “Portfolio LIFE 5Invest”. It serves solely as preliminary information and cannot replace a consultation taking into account the individual circumstances and knowledge of the investor or of the policyholder. Each capital investment is associated with a risk that can also mean the entire loss of the capital deployed. The value and return of an investment can suddenly and considerably increase or fall and cannot be guaranteed. Currency fluctuations can also influence the development of the investment.

There is the possibility that the investor does not receive the total invested sum back, among others, if the capital investment only exists for a short time. The longer the investment horizon, the less significant short-term fluctuations are. The minimum investment horizon within the framework of the “VermögensManagement 5Invest” and the “VermögensManagement EXKLUSIV” should therefore be 5 years. Your advisor will be pleased to assist you in determining the right investment approach for you.

Citizens of the US or people with their place of residence, tax assessment and/or companies in this country may not be offered this product even in Austria, and/or they may not purchase it.

Our brochure “Summary of the guidelines for handling conflicts of interest and the disclosure of benefits” provides you with information regarding the fundamental handling by Bank Austria of conflicts of interest and regarding the disclosure of benefits. Your Premium Banking advisor will be pleased to advise you in detail.

For questions relating to your individual tax situation, we recommend that you seek the advice of a tax advisor. The handling with regard to tax matters depends on your personal circumstances and can be subject to future changes.