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The internationalisation of the economy and of the legal framework is forcing enterprises to become flexible, react promptly, and take decisions at short notice. As every management decision also impacts a company's financial situation, sound financial planning is a key prerequisite for long-term corporate success. Bank Austria has developed the PlanungsWorkshop specifically in order to make professional financing planning accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises.

During the one-day PlanungsWorkshop, participants will work with Bank Austria experts in drawing up integrated corporate and financial plans on the basis of actual business data. This includes the preparation of the profit and loss account, the balance sheet, and the resulting financial plan for a planning period.

The PlanungsWorkshop is held on the corporate premises, with the BusinessPlanner being used as the financial planning tool. The results of the integrated planning exercise can be used as direct inputs into a company's controlling system, helping to identify potential financial bottlenecks in time as well as to exploit existing opportunities more effectively. After the PlanungsWorkshop, you will be granted the right to use the full version of the BusinessPlanner budgeting and financial planning tool for another 3 months free of charge in order to get an even better idea of the wide range of applications of this tool.

No special expertise is required for taking part in a PlanungsWorkshop. You will be advised of the corporate data to be made available for effective planning when scheduling a date for the workshop.

If you are interested, please contact your relationship manager at Bank Austria or


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