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Business Investments

Money-market funds, innovative bond funds or equity funds – harness the know-how and experience of the professionals!

In connection with business investments, Bank Austria offers you a wide range of products and services tailored to your specific needs.

Short-term investments

If you want to invest your capital for a short period only (roughly up to one year), you can choose from a range of products on the money market and related segments. The alternatives range from bank accounts (e.g. term deposits) via money market funds to specific treasury investments.

Medium- and long-term investments

In addition to the risk level, the term of an investment also affects your yield. If you are interested in investing part of your capital over the medium or long term (one year or longer), you can take advantage of a large number of corporate investment products with different terms that offer higher yields than short-term commitments depending on the duration of investment.

More on short-term investments

The fixed-term EUR deposit is a comfortable and simple form of investment. You select the amount and the term in accordance with your individual needs and receive fixed interest. Fixed-term deposits can also be prolonged at the agreed terms at the end of the term.

Minimum volume

Term from one month to five years: EUR 20,000
Term from seven days to one month: EUR 350,000

Dispo Account Plus

The Dispo Account Plus is an investment account set up in connection to a selected reference account. Signing authority granted on the selected account applies automatically also to Dispo Account Plus.
Amounts credited to Dispo Account Plus can only be debited to the selected reference account and vice versa (internal transfers).