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ICF - Advisory Services

The Working Capital Check is an innovative and free advisory service, which aided by a simulation tool analyses the liquidity of your company and offers alternatives for optimising liquidity and earnings.

Target group

Companies with annual sales revenue of more than EUR 3 million.

What you benefit

Active liquidity management is one of the key requirements of business success. It offers protection from financial crises, improves creditworthiness vis-à-vis business partners and supports growth objectives.
Adopting the right approach to working capital can save you a great deal of money. Working capital check shows you where the hidden potential in your company is. It unveils possible weaknesses and provides support in drawing up solutions. This can free up liquidity and at the same time increase return on capital.

How does Working Capital Check work?

This simulation tool is deployed by relationship managers during a consultation.

  • To start things off the liquidity position of your company is displayed: balance sheet figures – i.e. receivables, liabilities and inventories – are used to analyse your working capital.
  • Then the focus turns to the liquidity potential of your company: possible scenarios are played out and the impacts on the most important figures are demonstrated.
  • Finally, your relationship manager will present some instruments to you that are designed to optimise liquidity and which will help you to manage your receivables and liabilities. Solutions are jointly created to improve the liquidity and the profitability of your company.

Your relationship manager at Bank Austria will be happy to help if you have any questions or E-Mail Contact.



The Rating Advisory Service from Bank Austria is offered as part of the corporate customer consulting concept "integrated corporate finance" (ICF). ICF combines financial standing-oriented advice with individual financing solutions for large corporates and growth-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises. As such, an increased focus is placed on alternative forms of financing beyond traditional loan financing.

Target group

Small and medium-sized enterprises with an annual turnover of EUR 1.5 million or higher and major corporates that are looking for advice on Bank Austria's internal rating and that are interested in options and instruments (such as financing alternatives to the traditional bank loan) to improve their rating and financing structure are the intended recipients of the Rating Advisory Service.

Brief description

The corporate customer is subject to a bank-internal rating procedure to assess its economic situation. The Bank Austria rating system is presented to the customer along with its rating. The relationship manager and customer then work together to identify options for improving this rating. The Bank Austria Rating Advisory Service is designed as a long-term support process and is targeted at strengthening the economic position of the corporate customer over the medium term, thereby achieving a positive effect on the pricing of finance products for the customer.


We are not only one of the first banks in Austria to explain its rating system, we also suggest ways to improve a corporate customer's rating after we have completed our analysis. These solutions are primarily intended to improve the financial position of the customer with the help of alternative forms of financing, and can sustainable strengthen the competitive position of the customer. If desired, external consultants such as tax consultants can be called upon to evaluate additional measures in the company with regards to their effect on the bank rating. The advisory services provided by Bank Austria as part of Rating Advisory Service are free of charge. Any costs for external consultants, studies, assessments in external databases, etc. must be covered by the customer.


  • Annual turnover of EUR 1.5 million or more.
  • Balance sheet account according to § 4/1 or § 5 EStG or IAS/US-GAAP.
  • High transparency within the company.

The internationalisation of the economy and of the legal framework is forcing enterprises to become flexible, react promptly, and take decisions at short notice. As every management decision also impacts a company's financial situation, sound financial planning is a key prerequisite for long-term corporate success. Bank Austria has developed the PlanungsWorkshop specifically in order to make professional financing planning accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises.

During the one-day PlanungsWorkshop, participants will work with Bank Austria experts in drawing up integrated corporate and financial plans on the basis of actual business data. This includes the preparation of the profit and loss account, the balance sheet, and the resulting financial plan for a planning period.

The PlanungsWorkshop is held on the corporate premises, with the BusinessPlanner being used as the financial planning tool. The results of the integrated planning exercise can be used as direct inputs into a company's controlling system, helping to identify potential financial bottlenecks in time as well as to exploit existing opportunities more effectively. After the PlanungsWorkshop, you will be granted the right to use the full version of the BusinessPlanner budgeting and financial planning tool for another 3 months free of charge in order to get an even better idea of the wide range of applications of this tool.

No special expertise is required for taking part in a PlanungsWorkshop. You will be advised of the corporate data to be made available for effective planning when scheduling a date for the workshop.

If you are interested, please contact your relationship manager at Bank Austria or E-Mail Contact.