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Employee commitment

Rules for responsible conduct

Our company is built on the values of our Integrity Charter. The "fuel" that keeps everything "ticking over" is enthusiastic, motivated employees.

Motivation and enthusiasm cannot be produced to order. They occur when employees are involved, feel themselves to be an essential part of the company, and can actively shape its progression; in other words, when "listening" and "providing feedback" are integral components of corporate culture.

Further building blocks include knowledge of business contexts and clear targets.

Our values – our bottom line

We believe that only enthusiastic and motivated employees deliver the best possible performance, to the benefit of the company and to their own satisfaction. Our efforts therefore centre on creation of a motivational work environment.

We can only create this working environment if our conduct corresponds to our common values – fairness, transparency, respect, reciprocity, freedom of action and trust.
This is why we have codified these common values in our Integrity Charter – as a set of rules for responsible conduct and for the cohesion of our Group.

Foundation of corporate image

Our corporate image is founded on our values, which guide us in our daily work and provide us with guidelines for our conduct. In the process they help us to overcome everyday critical situations with integrity.

We realise that the relationship between employer and employee is not a one-way street. Individual commitment can only flourish in a relationship based on reciprocity.

The ombudsman system, employee opinion surveys and ideas management show that we listen to our employees to discover how we can further improve cooperation in our Group and continuously measure our personal commitment.