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Below you will find the magazines in German and selected articles in English for download:


Report 3/2013

Editorial - Nobody said it would be easy
Inflation and low interest as a miracle weapon?
Inflation: where is it? Following the price trail
Affordable housing ... still available to most of Austria's population

Report 2/2013

Editorial - The euro area once again suvives despite uncertainty about details
Industry still awaiting the upturn
Austria' Regions Impacted by the Euro Crisis

Report 1/2013

Editorial - 2013 - For a change, not the year of the euro!
How Just is Austria?


Report 4/2012

Editorial - The Euro is saved?!
After the Euro Rescue Operation
Austria: Industry Driving Growth

Report 3/2012

Editorial - The euro can maket it, but ...
Momentum in 2011 - Challenges in 2012 - Austria's regions in step with global economic trends
Housing Construction Faces New Challenges

Report 2/2012

Editorial - After the Crisis: What now?
Investing after the Crisis
The Wood industry - Sustainable and competitive
A Region offering Quality in Challenging Times - Salzburg among the top 3 business locations in Austria

Report 1/2012

Editorial - 2012 - the year of the Euro?
Austria - Spring will return some day
Industry Poised für Downturn
Who is to blame?


Report 3/2011

Editorial - We would be an island again, wouldn't we?
Exports ecxperience successful run - The joys and sorrows of Austria's export strengths

Report 2/2011

Editorial - O Stay! Thou art so fair!
Austria - 2011 will be a good year
We cannot eat money
The Styrian panther sharpens its claws

Report 1/2011

Editorial - Euro in its 13th year
2011 - Year of the Euro
Stronger economic activity - Recovery in Austria's provinces 2.0
Back to new horizons - Greater balance across economic sectors in 2011


Report 4/2010

Editorial - Currency war, debt crisis, and the economy is booming?
Labour market eases - But miracles are a different thing altogether

Report 3/2010

Editorial - All shall be well. Or perhaps not?
All shall be well. Or perhaps not?
Where there's a will, there's a way
- Budget consolidation is a balancing act


Report 1+2/2010

Editorial - The euro in distress: good in bad times, bad in good times?
Austria's Tourism Industry - A strong growth, but not crisis resilient, sector
What is CSR?


Report 4/2009

Editorial - Not the consequences of the crisis but the consequences of the "good" years preceding the crisis will be costly
Austria's banks in turbulent times

What is sustainbable deelopment

Report 3/2009

Editorial - Difficult Recovery Ahead
How tough and shaky will recovery be?
Carinthia cates to everyone's needs - The south sharps the eye for the outside world

Report 2/2009

Editorial - Financial Market and Reality?
Will we be hit by hyperinflation?
Varying positions in the crisis - How Austria's federal provinces will negotiate the economic downturn

Report 1/2009

Editorial - Higher Savings Lead to Higher Government Debt
The Vienna season has started again - Meeting ambitious goals with intelligence, charm and strategy


Report 4/2008

Editorial - Major Challenges Await Us!
Lower Austria - Unity in diversity
Starting up in difficult times - What we can expect from the new government

Report 3/2008

Vorarlberg - innovation activities in the West

Report 2/2008

Salzburg - A Piece of Paradise

Report 1/2008

Tyrol - Growth from Tradition
Is Inflation Threatening our Standard of Living?


Report 4/2007

Oil and Gas Dependence of the EU-15 Countries

Report 3/2007

Styria - Strong Research and Export Capabilities
Investment Promotion in Austria

Report 2/2007

Upper Austria - a top performer
Active Cross-Border Relations

Report 1/2007

The Austrian Economy in 2007
Austria in the European Union
Research - investing in the future


Report 4/2006

The Austrian Economy in 2007
Chinas Rise - Austria is performing well
A Well-Greased Economy - Corruption is not a marginal phenomenon

Report 3/2006

Report 2/2006

Report 1/2006


Report 4/2005

Report 3/2005

Report 2/2005

Report 1/2005


Report 5/2004

Report 4/2004

Report 2-3/2004

Report 1/2004


Report 6/2003

Report 5/2003

Report 4/2003

Report 3/2003

Report 2/2003

Report 1/2003


Report 6/2002 (410 KB)

Report 5/2002 (540 KB)

Report 4/2002 (700 KB)

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