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Cross Border Services available in Serbia at UniCredit Bank d.d.

Cross Border Account Opening


  • are permitted to open Dinar accounts in Serbia. They may have more than one such account with more than one bank. The National Bank of Serbia keeps a Central Register of Accounts which is updated on a daily basis;
  • are permitted to open Foreign Currency accounts in Serbia for payments abroad. Cash transactions in Foreign Currency are forbidden, except for the few cases as prescribed by the Foreign Exchange-Law;
  • are NOT permitted to open Dinar accounts abroad.
  • are permitted to open Foreign Currency accounts abroad, only subject to the National Bank of Serbia' s approval. Approval is granted to companies that
  • have representative offices or run capital investment projects abroad and need the account for conducting business and/or
  • need the account for pursuing foreign trade activities.
  • the conversion of currency or purchase of Foreign Currency (against Dinar) is only permitted in connection with a foreign payment.


  • are permitted to open Foreign Currency accounts in Serbia;
  • are NOT permitted to open Dinar current accounts in Serbia. They can only open special purpose Dinar accounts, such as a transitory Dinar account and a main Dinar account, which will then be considered as an Foreign Currency account and which will therefore not participate in the domestic payments system.

Special legal requirements creating administrational effort:

  • All documents must be in original or notarized copies. Translations must be done by a legal translator and confirmed by a notary.

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Cross Border Cash Management

 Flash Payment


European Gate  

International corporate customers can service UniCredit Bank accounts via EuropeanGate: Yes.
UniCredit Bank can offer EuropeanGate to international corporate customers: No.

Cross Border Plus Credit 

Fast and unbureaucratic financing

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Please contact your relationship manager for further details. He/she can furnish you with all necessary information on products, services and country information of each and every country in our UniCredit Network.

In case you are not yet a customer of UniCredit Group please contact the local Cross Border Business Team:



Serbia at a Glance
  • Capital city: Belgrade
  • Administrative divisions: 31 districts and the capital city
  • Population: 9.3 million
  • Currency: Republic of Serbia dinar (RSD), in Kosovo both the euro and the dinar are legal
  • Languages: Serbian
  • Dialling code for int. phone calls: +381
  • Internet country code: .rs


UniCredit in Serbia

UniCredit Bank Figures as of 30 September 2012:
Total assets: EUR 1.9 billion
Branches: 74

UniCredit Bank Serbia is number 3 on the Serbian banking market in terms of assets and achieved profit and operates a network of 75 branches throughout the country.
The bank offers modern and innovative banking products.



Rajiceva 27-29
11000 Belgrade
 +381 11 3204500
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 Cross Border Services available in Serbia  
  • Cross Border Account Opening
  • Cross Border Cash Management
  • Cross Border Plus Credit