Specialists in fund research

The specialist team of Bank Austria Private Banking searches for the most interesting funds on the market for you.

An expert opinion is always a good thing with investments. Build your investment decision on the assessment of our specialists in fund research, which is based on our own fund rating selection process.

  • Bank Austria Private Banking works with eleven fund partners checked by us.
  • Investment funds are selected from their investment fund products by our specialist team and evaluated. This is carried out according to a multi-stage process using differentiated quality criteria.
  • The assessment of the funds is carried out according to their respective risk-reward profile.

With our fund rating you can see immediately how successful the investment fund is in the respective comparison group. The comparison group covers the funds with comparable investments available as a whole on the Austrian market.

Fund quality in Austria

As of April 2019 there were around 9,900 investment funds approved in Austria. Of these, around 93 fund products have been selected as “best in class” and checked by our specialist team.

Rating criteria

The rating is calculated using earnings and risk figures over various time periods. The focus is on funds that have an above-average risk-reward profile in the medium term (three to five years). Those funds identified as “best in class” are subject to continuous quality control by the UniCredit team that specialises in fund selection.

Investment funds with a history of less than three years and funds for which there is no relevant comparison group are not included in the fund rating.

Individual advice

Your Private Banking customer advisor will be happy to work with you to determine which offer suits your investment objectives and your level of risk acceptance.

Legal information

The current information does not constitute investment advice or an investment recommendation. In particular, it is not an offer or an invitation to make an investment. It serves solely as preliminary information and cannot replace a consultation based on the individual circumstances and knowledge of the investor.

Every capital investment is associated with risk. The value and return of an investment can suddenly and considerably increase or fall and cannot be guaranteed. Currency fluctuations can also influence the development of the investment. There is the possibility that the investor does not receive the total invested sum back, among others, if the capital investment only exists for a short time. Despite professional advice, losses may therefore occur, including total loss, especially in the case of a short-term investment horizon. The longer the investment horizon, the less significant short-term fluctuations are. Your Private Banking adviser will be pleased to assist you in determining the right investment strategy for you.

Errors and typographical errors excepted.

Our brochure “Summary of the guidelines for handling conflicts of interest and the disclosure of benefits” provides you with information regarding the fundamental handling by Bank Austria of conflicts of interest and regarding the disclosure of benefits. Your Private Banking advisor will be pleased to advise you in detail.

For questions relating to your individual tax situation, we recommend that you seek the advice of a tax advisor. The handling with regard to tax matters depends on your personal circumstances and can be subject to future changes.

Citizens of the USA and people with their place of residence, tax assessment and/or companies in that country must not be offered investment funds, even in Austria, and they must not purchase these products.

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