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Specialists who plan your finances personally

Would you like to know now where you will be financially in a few years’ time? Our Financial Planning analysis can help you do this. Our specialists perform an in-depth and objective analysis of your finances and assets. These are then compared to what you want to achieve, which provides the basis for a detailed advisory meeting.

They look at this from five different angles:

Optimising wealthPlanning liquidityEvaluating riskReviewing your pensionPlanning inheritance

What if?

A complete analysis also includes different individual scenarios: for example, we will calculate the impact of an inability to continue working, early retirement or major acquisitions on your wealth. A basic question is also how the structure of your wealth will change in future, from the point of view of liquidity.

Advice from our team of specialists.

With the help of financial planning, you will receive important answers to all the questions relating to your wealth and lifestyle planning. Our specialists create an in-depth analysis to provide the basis for further decisions, and give you comprehensive advice.

Financial Planning in a nutshell

  • Complete overview of your personal wealth situation
  • Personal financial planning with your choice of scenarios and time periods for extrapolations
  • In-depth detailed analysis of complex wealth situations
  • Summary of current liquidity
  • Pinpointing potential risk areas in case of an accident or incapacity for work
  • Advice on a range of pension scenarios
  • What to take into account for inheritance
  • Personal aspects to remember when deciding on future investments
  • Involvement of other experts – for example, for valuation of real estate, financing or succession
  • Specific implementation options and alternative solutions

Please note: Because of the complexity of this task, and the depth of the analysis, a Financial Planning analysis may incur a fee.

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