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Reports & Analyses

Tourist industry, December 2016

Tourist industry reports record result

  • Following the record result in 2015, tourism revenues expected to rise again to a total of € 25 bn in 2016
  • Revenues of  € 24.4 bn were attained last year (+3.1 per cent compared with 2014), i.e. the best result since the year 2000
  • Changes in the demand for tourism are increasing price pressure and curbing revenue increases
  • Austria demonstrating its competitive strength as a holiday destination despite market share losses
  • Biggest rise in the number of German visitors for 25 years


as of December 2016.

 The publication in PDF format is available under Download.


Reports on the most important sectors

Bank Austria prepares reports on Austria's key sectors. Wherever possible, the analysis also covers sub-segments within the sector. The reports contain a list of the most important market participants and a description of market conditions, short-term economic developments, and the sector's long-term outlook.

Sectoral reports are published in German only.

  • Capital goods: Chemical industry, electrical and electronic industry, vehicle manufacturing, wood-working, plastic goods, mechanical engineering, paper-making, textile industry
  • Consumer goods: Apparel, printing and publishing, metal goods industry, food industry, paper processing
  • Construction: Construction, building materials (quarrying of stone, manufacture of mineral products)
  • Trade: Retail trade, wholesale trade, sale of motor vehicles and workshops, petrol stations
  • Tourism: Hotels and restaurants, travel agencies and tour operator
  • Traffic: Transport industry, passenger transport, removals companies
  • Other services: Independent professionals (economy-related services, doctors), advertising
  • Agriculture, hunting and forestry: Agriculture, forestry

If you are interested in a sectoral report, please send an e-mail to:  econresearch.austria@unicreditgroup.at

Bundeslaenderbericht 2014 / update Mai 2015 Austrian Federal Provinces - economic overview, May 2016

For information on the Austrian federal provinces please refer to the publications Bundesländer Aktuell and Bundesländer Überblick . These reports are published in German only.

An economic overview on the Austrian federal provinces in English is available for download to the right.


Analyses Why unemployment in Europe is not falling across all countries, October 2016

Why unemployment in Europe is not falling across all countries

The labour market in Europe as a whole is benefiting from sustained economic recovery. In addition to the positive business cycle effect, the change in the labour supply plays a decisive role in determining unemployment trends in the individual EU member states. This has led to a clear regional pattern since 2013: while supporting the positive business cycle effect in many EU member states in southern and eastern Europe, the labour supply effect (partly) counteracted the largely positive business cycle effect in a number of countries in western and northern Europe.


as of  October 2016.

Length: 9 pages
Language: English


To download the current Analysis click on the symbol to the right.

To order publications free of charge, call +43 (0) 50505 - 56148 (answering machine) or send an e-mail to pub@unicreditgroup.at

Analyses Archives

Below you will find the publications for download:


Why unemployment in Europe is not falling across all countries, October 2016 (PDF; 323 KB)
Real Estate Country Facts, October 2016 (PDF; 5 MB)
June 2016 (PDF; 504 MB)


Real Estate Country Facts, October 2015 (PDF; 2 MB)
July 2015 (PDF; 2 MB)
Austria: Lower tax burden but higher deficit in 2016
March 2015 (PDF; 336 KB)


Real Estate Country Facts
September 2014 (PDF; 4 MB)
Inflation risk in Austria?
January 2014 (PDF; 279 KB)


Discussion on "budget gap" in Austria
November 2013 (PDF; 235 KB)
Real Estate Country Facts
September 2013 (PDF; 2,5 MB)
Holiday€uro Summer 2013
June 2013 (PDF; 261 KB)
The new perspective of foreign trade
January 2013 (PDF; 248 KB)


The Austrian Real Estate Market: an oasis of calm?
July 2012 (PDF; 2MB)


Holiday€uro Summer 2011
May 2011 (PDF; 204 KB)


Currency War? The big war, the small burger and the large cake
November 2010 (PDF; 132 KB)
Holiday€uro Summer 2010
June 2010 (PDF; 134 KB)
Holiday€uro Spring 2010
March 2010 (PDF; 202 KB)


Holiday€uro Winter 2009
December 2009 (PDF; 208 KB)
Has Austria taken on too much?
April 2009 (PDF; 274 KB)


Oil and Gas Dependence of EU-15 Countries
February 2008 (PDF; 835 KB)


Brief evaluation of the Austrian government's 2007 programme
January 2007 (PDF;153 KB)

Report Archives

Below you will find the magazines in German and selected articles in English for download:


Report 4/2013

Report 3/2013

Nobody said it would be easy
Inflation and low interest as a miracle weapon?
Inflation: where is it? Following the price trail
Affordable housing
... still available to most of Austria's population

Report 2/2013

Editorial - The euro area once again survives despite uncertainty about details
Industry still awaiting the upturn
Austria' Regions Impacted by the Euro Crisis
Nobody said it would be easy
Inflation and low interest as a miracle weapon?
Inflation: where is it? Following the price trail
Affordable housing
... still available to most of Austria's population

Report 1/2013

Editorial - 2013 - For a change, not the year of the euro!
How Just is Austria?


Report 4/2012

Editorial - The Euro is saved?!
After the Euro Rescue Operation
Austria: Industry Driving Growth

Report 3/2012

Editorial - The euro can make it, but…
Momentum in 2011 - Challenges in 2012 - Austria's regions in step with global economic trends

Housing Construction Faces New Challenges

Report 2/2012

After the Crisis: What now?
Investing after the Crisis
The Wood industry
Sustainable and competitive
A Region offering Quality in Challenging Times
Salzburg among the top 3 business locations in Austria

Report 1/2012

2012 - the year of the Euro?
Spring will return some day
Industry Poised für Downturn
Who is to blame?


Report 3/2011

We would be an island again, wouldn't we?
Exports experience successful run
The joys and sorrows of Austria's export strengths

Report 2/2011

O Stay! Thou art so fair!
Austria - 2011 will be a good year
We cannot eat money
The Styrian panther sharpens its claws

Report 1/2011

Euro in its 13th year
2011 - Year of the Euro
Stronger economic activity - Recovery in Austria's provinces 2.0
Back to new horizons
Greater balance across economic sectors in 2011


Report 4/2010

Currency war, debt crisis, and the economy is booming?
Labour market eases - But miracles are a different thing altogether

Report 3/2010

All shall be well. Or perhaps not?
All shall be well. Or perhaps not?
Where there's a will, there's a way
Budget consolidation is a balancing act

Report 1+2/2010

xxxEditorial - The euro in distress: good in bad times, bad in good times?
xxxAustria's Tourism Industry - A strong growth, but not crisis resilient, sector

What is CSR?




Report 4/2009

Editorial - Not the consequences of the crisis but the consequences of the "good" years preceding the crisis will be costly
Austria's banks in turbulent times

What is sustainbable deelopment

Report 3/2009

Editorial - Difficult Recovery Ahead
How tough and shaky will recovery be?
Carinthia cates to everyone's needs - The south sharps the eye for the outside world

Report 2/2009

Editorial - Financial Market and Reality?
Will we be hit by hyperinflation?
Varying positions in the crisis - How Austria's federal provinces will negotiate the economic downturn

Report 1/2009

Editorial - Higher Savings Lead to Higher Government Debt
The Vienna season has started again - Meeting ambitious goals with intelligence, charm and strategy


Report 4/2008

Editorial - Major Challenges Await Us!
Lower Austria - Unity in diversity
Starting up in difficult times - What we can expect from the new government

Report 3/2008

Vorarlberg - innovation activities in the West

Report 2/2008

Salzburg - A Piece of Paradise

Report 1/2008

Tyrol - Growth from Tradition
Is Inflation Threatening our Standard of Living?


Report 4/2007

Oil and Gas Dependence of the EU-15 Countries

Report 3/2007

Styria - Strong Research and Export Capabilities
Investment Promotion in Austria

Report 2/2007

Upper Austria - a top performer
Active Cross-Border Relations

Report 1/2007

The Austrian Economy in 2007
Austria in the European Union
Research - investing in the future


Report 4/2006

The Austrian Economy in 2007
Chinas Rise - Austria is performing well
A Well-Greased Economy - Corruption is not a marginal phenomenon

Report 3/2006

Report 2/2006

Report 1/2006


Report 4/2005

Report 3/2005

Report 2/2005

Report 1/2005


Report 5/2004

Report 4/2004

Report 2-3/2004

xxx Report 1/2004



xxx Report 6/2003

xxx Report 5/2003

xxx Report 4/2003

xxx Report 3/2003

xxx Report 2/2003

xxx Report 1/2003


xxx Report 6/2002 (410 KB)

xxx Report 5/2002 (540 KB)

xxx Report 4/2002 (700 KB)

xxx Report 3/2002 (1,7 MB)

xxx Report 2/2002 (400 KB)

xxx Report 1/2002 (800 KB)