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Wealth Management

With "Vermögensmanagement" of Bank Austria Private Banking you’ll be looked after by seasoned asset managers. These managers are aimed at getting you the best that financial markets and investments around the world have to offer.

As investor you can choose whether you wish to actively define the investment strategy for your assets or entrust your assets entirely to our professional asset management team. You can also opt for fund-linked life insurance policies under our asset management investment strategy.

VermögensManagement 5Invest

This structured asset management service is aimed at getting you the best that financial markets and investments around the world have to offer.

From conservative to progressive, you have a choice of five different structured investment approaches, depending on your risk appetite. The investment approaches vary according to the mix of equities and alternative investments in the portfolio, and as a result they represent different risk categories.

VermögensManagement EXKLUSIV

Experienced managers invest your assets in line with your preferred investment strategy. The strategy is not based on general investment approaches, but tailored specifically to your requirements, putting you in a position to define investment criteria that correspond to your personal appetite for risk.

Portfolio LIFE 5Invest

Portfolio Life 5Invest, a unit-linked life assurance policy from Bank Austria Creditanstalt Versicherung AG, combines the benefits of professional VermögensManagement 5Invest1) asset management services provided by Bank Austria Private Banking, a UniCredit Bank Austria AG service offering, with all the advantages you would expect from life assurance.

Maximising wealth
Make the most of global financial market opportunities
Bank Austria Private Banking´s experienced asset managers manage your investments in line with your personal risk appetite.

Succession planning
Lay the foundations for the orderly transfer of your assets to future generations.

Minimising risk
Make sure your family is provided for if the worst comes to the worst.