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Perfect eShop

Higher earnings and lower costs for your webshop

Online shopping is the future! Which is why it is important to find the right solution for your webshop and then optimise it on a regular basis. Bank Austria supports large and small companies with its new Perfect eShop service package – at competitive prices and regardless of a company’s sectoral classification.

Which modules does Perfect eShop offer you?

Perfect eShop offers you seven service modules which you can use either individually or as an entire package.
  • Advice in all stages of the project
  • Planning and technical implementation of a webshop
  • Selection and integration of a suitable payment platform and payment methods, and optimisation of existing payment platforms
  • Sales optimisation and marketing tips
  • Development and implementation of customer loyalty and bonus programmes
  • Integration of e-Identifikation, ems-Lastschrift
  • Training of employees

What are the benefits of Perfect eShop?

  • All services under one roof
  • Selection of individual service modules as required, or the entire service package
  • Bank Austria’s expertise in payment transactions and optimisation of e-payment procedures