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CFO Finance

Planning, reporting, control

Francesco Giordano
Member of the Management
Board, Chief Financial Officer

  CFO Finance is the management function headed by the bank’s Chief Financial Officer. It comprises responsibility for key areas of control.

We see ourselves as a partner of those areas of the bank which conduct customer business. We help the business divisions implement their strategies and we provide the following services:

Accounting is in charge of accounting for UniCredit Bank Austria AG and for consolidated accounting for Bank Austria Group as sub-holding company within UniCredit. Furthermore, this department handles regulatory reporting in Austria and reporting to our parent company.

Shareholding deals with governance, administrative and M&A issues of all direct and indirect shareholdings.

Planning & Controlling Austria is responsible for P&C activities, Corporate Relations and Capital Management.  P&C activities include cost controlling and customer profitability analyses) for UniCredit Bank Austria AG and the preparation of consolidated results of BA Group (Budget, Forecast, Multi Year Plan) including segment reporting (Actual, Budget, Forecast, Multi Year Plan). The tasks include the preparation of Management Board and Supervisory Board presentations.

The department additionally initiates and manages the entire planning process of Bank Austria Group. Corporate Relations is also part of the P&C Austria team with responsibility for managing contacts with rating agencies and preparing the relevant reports.

Capital Management focuses on planning and optimising capital resources with a view to taking full advantage of potential available pursuant to Basel II guidelines and securing adequate capitalization also under stress scenarios regularly performed.

CEE Strategy Planning and Control is responsible for analysing the performance of the CEE Banks and supporting the Head of the CEE Division in defining the strategy and actions to achieve short-term and long-term objectives. It provides all relevant data and information regarding products and segments results to Business Lines and Competence Lines in the sub-holding dealing with CEE Banks. It is also responsible for managing the Budget and Forecast process among the banks.

CEE Strategic Analysis is responsible for analysis and research on CEE countries, to help shape the group positioning and strategies in the region. Banking analysis and forecasts, structural economic analysis, benchmarking of competitors and market shares are among the most relevant tasks, as well as some in-depth studies on Group positioning and functioning in the market.

The new Finance function comprises Asset Liability Management and Strategic Funding
Asset Liability Management is responsible for managing liquidity and interest rate risk of the banking book. It is coordinating the funds transfer price system and is responsible for supranational funding and insurance of country risk. In respect of CEE subsidiaries BA ALM assesses and provides intra-group funding and hedging into euro the results. Cooperating with Market Risk it defines local rule books and governance. ALM manages balances on the central bank accounts and secures compliance with relevant Austrian liquidity regulations. It also takes care of the maintenance of a proper level of collateral eligible for refinancing with CB and decides on participation in ECB tenders.
Strategic Funding is responsible for the optimization of the medium / long term funding of UniCredit Bank Austria AG. Based on the balance sheet of BA Group it works on the most efficient usage of collateralized funding instruments in Austria and CEE and manages the covered pools of Bank Austria.