UniCredit Bank Austria’s student account featuring a EUR 40 shopping voucher

  • Students will receive a EUR 40 shopping voucher as a welcome gift when opening a StudentenKonto for the first time, redeemable at amazon.de, IKEA or H&M
  • The current account offers free account maintenance, a free BankCard with Maestro limits and a contactless payment function, credit cards with a EUR 25 start bonus as well as Internetbanking and MobileBanking
  • Next generation banking with “photo transfer” and “transfer money to your phone contacts”1

Experience next generation banking with UniCredit Bank Austria: the StudentenKonto, not only offers free account maintenance and a free Maestro BankCard with contactless payment function (a debit card of Bank Austria), but also all the innovative features of UniCredit Bank Austria’s mobile apps. Whether “photo transfer” or “transfer money to your phone contacts” – customers of UniCredit Bank Austria have exclusive advantages. In addition, students will receive a EUR 40 shopping voucher as a welcome gift, redeemable at amazon.de, IKEA or H&M.

Markus Kosche, Head of Retail Sales Private Customers, Small Business and Independent Professions at UniCredit Bank Austria: “Our StudentenKonto offers far more than free account maintenance. The innovative features of the MobileBanking app and the app ‘Mobile Geldbörse’ are the banking of a new generation. After the photo transfer, where you only have to take a photo of an invoice and the app automatically completes the transfer form, we were the first bank in Austria to offer ‘transfer money to your phone contacts’. This feature allows sending money quickly and easily to friends and acquaintances. When it comes to easy and fast payments and banking, our innovative features provide the key advantage.”

With the innovative UniCredit Bank Austria apps, the smartphone becomes a mobile branch. The StudentenKonto offers free access to UniCredit Bank Austria’s apps with all innovative features.

Discount on online shopping and concert tickets
The “CashBack” benefit programme (cashback.bankaustria.at) transfers money back into the account every month when the Bank Austria BankCard is used at one of the numerous partner companies. CashBack partners nearby will be shown in the “Mobile Geldbörse”. Furthermore, with CashBack Online, students simply profit when shopping over the Internet and receive attractive discounts in more than 800 online shops and holiday portals.

Bank Austria Ticketing (bankaustria.wien-ticket.at/de/tickets) also offers discounted tickets for numerous concerts, musicals, classical music and cabaret – two tickets with a 20 percent reduction for each event.

EUR 40 shopping voucher as a welcome gift
Students who open a StudentenKonto account with UniCredit Bank Austria for the first time until 30 November 2018, will receive a EUR 40 shopping voucher as a welcome gift. The voucher can be redeemed at amazon.de, IKEA or H&M.

The StudentenKonto can be opened at any UniCredit Bank Austria branch or in the online shop. The terms and conditions apply until the end of studies, however up to the age of 30.

Credit cards offering special terms and conditions
The Bank Austria StudentenKonto includes a VISA or Mastercard Studenten Card or a Diners Club Student Card free of charge for the first year. The VISA or Mastercard Studenten Card comes with a EUR 25 start bonus which is deducted from the first bill. In subsequent years, the credit card will cost EUR 33.60 per year, complete with travel insurance and travel cancellation insurance – until the cardholder completes his/her studies or turns 30. The Diners Club Student Card, which is available at a special rate of EUR 24 per year after the first year until the cardholder completes his/her studies or turns 30, gives cardholders free access to over 800 Diners Club airport lounges.

For further information go to studenten.bankaustria.at.

1 with ZOIN, developed by Payment Services Austria.

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