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UniCredit Bank Austria’s new EUR 500mn covered bond oversubscribed by a factor of two

Almost 100 individual orders reflects strong international demand for covered bonds

The 7-year covered bond 2012/2019 (EUR 500mn, 2.625%) of UniCredit Bank Austria AG with a coupon of 2.625% was priced yesterday afternoon. The reoffer price was set at 99.465%, equivalent to a reoffer spread of 88bps over midswap.

The issue was oversubscribed by a factor of two, with almost 100 individual orders and a total order volume of over EUR 1 bn. Almost 80% of the total order volume came from banks (29%) and funds (47%), with central banks (13%) and insurances (10%) accounting for the remainder. In geographical terms, demand was dominated by more than two-thirds by German-speaking countries, with 56% of the orders coming from Germany and 15% from Austria. Demand from the Nordic countries was also very high, at 14%. The rest of the orders came from the Benelux countries, Italy and France (15% in total).

Dieter Hengl, responsible for Corporate & Investment Banking in Bank Austria’s Management Board, noted, “We are very pleased with the robust demand both here in Austrian and from abroad, as well as the many new investors, from the Nordic countries too. This was the sixth benchmark issue by Bank Austria since 2010 and was once again a great success. The attractiveness of Austrian covered bonds is underlined by the keen demand from foreign countries, in particular since this was just the second covered bond issued in Austria this year.”

The transaction was managed by Bayerische Landesbank, Danske Bank, Deutsche Bank and UniCredit Bank as joint bookrunners, commissioned by Bank Austria. The instrument is listed at the Vienna Stock exchange on the Second Regulated Market.

The funds raised with this issue are used for market-price conform refinancing of infrastructure projects and public administration projects of Austrian public authorities. The transactions which are refinanced can in turn be used as a cover pool for covered bonds.

Enquiries: Bank Austria Press Office Austria
 Julia Wegenstein, Tel. +43 (0) 50505 - 52854
 E-mail julia.wegenstein@unicreditgroup.at


Transaction details:

UniCredit Bank Austria covered bond 2012/2019, EUR 500mn, 2.625%

ISIN: AT000B049226
Issuer: UniCredit Bank Austria AG
Lead Managers: Bayerische Landesbank
 Danske Bank A/S
 Deutsche Bank AG
  UniCredit Bank AG (technical lead)
Documentation:   Covered bond
Issue rating: Aaa by Moody’s (expected)
Status:  Senior, pari passu
Sale, pricing: 25 April 2012
Volume: EUR 500 mn
Denomination: EUR 100,000
Maturity:  7 years (value date: 25 April 2012, maturity date: 25 April 2019)
Coupon: 2.625%
Reoffer price: 99.465%
Redemption:  On 25 April 2019 at 100%
Cancellation:  Not permitted
Listing: Vienna Stock Exchange / Second Regulated Market
Applicable law:  Austrian law


Rückfragen: Bank Austria Pressestelle Österreich
 Julia Wegenstein, Tel. +43 (0) 50505 - 52854
 E-Mail: julia.wegenstein@unicreditgroup.at


Die Emission im Detail:

Öffentlicher Pfandbrief 2012/2019 – 500 Millionen Euro, 2,625 % der UniCredit Bank Austria AG

ISIN: AT000B049226
Emittent: UniCredit Bank Austria AG
Lead Manager: Bayerische Landesbank
 Danske Bank A/S
 Deutsche Bank AG
  UniCredit Bank AG (technischer Lead)
Dokumentation:   Öffentlicher Pfandbrief                                    
Rating der Emission: Aaa durch Moody’s (erwartet)
Status:  vorrangig besichert, pari passu
Verkauf, Preisgestaltung: 25. April 2012
Volumen: 500 Millionen Euro
Stückelung: 100.000 Euro
Laufzeit:  7 Jahre (Valuta: 25.4.2012, Fälligkeit 25.4.2019)
Kupon: 2,625 %
Emissionskurs: 99,465 %
Tilgung:  am 25. April 2019 zu 100 %
Kündigung:  ausgeschlossen
Börseneinführung: Börse Wien, geregelter Freiverkehr
Anwendbares Recht:  Österreichische Rechtsordnung