Euromoney Cash Management Survey 2011:
Bank Austria "Best Cash Management House" in Austria

In its latest survey, the finance magazine Euromoney polled 14,000 companies around the world on the topic of cash management. The result: UniCredit, specifically its subsidiary Bank Austria, was crowned number one in cash management in Austria. UniCredit also captured the top spot in this category in four other countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Poland and Serbia. UniCredit came in second in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Kazakhstan, while it was ranked number three in Italy, Hungary and Romania. This result is all the more impressive considering that UniCredit was recognised as one of the top three cash management services providers in nearly all of the countries in which it is active. The survey also indicated that UniCredit is one of the ten best cash management services providers in the world.

One of the reasons that Bank Austria and UniCredit were able to achieve such a high ranking is the bank’s innovative payment and debit methods. According to the surveyed companies, other key factors in this result were competitive pricing, outstanding service and the expertise of the staff at Bank Austria and UniCredit.

Dieter Hengl, Management Board member responsible for Corporate & Investment Banking at Bank Austria, had this to say: "We are very proud that the companies, our customers, named us the best cash management services provider. Cash management is becoming more and more important, especially in times of economic uncertainty. Many companies are working to optimise their payment and cash management processes so they can tap additional cost cutting potential. Liquidity is becoming an increasingly vital resource that can be managed more effectively than before – and we help our customers do just that."

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