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New stepped coupon mortgage bond by UniCredit Bank Austria AG:
Annually rising interest rates guaranteed

Bank Austria is offering security-oriented investors a new six-year mortgage bond for private investors as from March 12, 2010. The stepped coupon mortgage bond offers guaranteed interest rates for the complete term, which are distributed at a fixed date each year. At the end of the term, the nominal value of the stepped coupon mortgage bond will be distributed 100 per cent. In case investors need their capital at an earlier date, they can sell the stepped coupon mortgage bond at the market value valid at that time. However, investors have to take into consideration that the stepped coupon mortgage bonds are subject to price fluctuations during the term, which can affect earnings in case the bond is sold at an earlier date.

Stepped coupon mortgage bond, Stufenzinspfandbrief, series 111/2010-2016 by UniCredit Bank Austria AG
Issuer: UniCredit Bank Austria AG

for the complete term 2.73 % p. a. on average*
1st year   2.000 % p. a.
2nd year   2.250 % p. a.
3rd year   2.375 % p. a.
4th year   2.500 % p. a.
5th year   3.250 % p. a.
6th year   4.000 % p. a.

*relating to the nominal value of 100 % deducting 25 % capital gains tax
(taxed at source) in private assets

Interest payout: On March 15 of each year, for the first time on March 15, 2011
Term: Six years, March 15, 2010 to March 14, 2016
Early redemption: excluded by UniCredit Bank Austria AG and creditors
Redemption: On March 15, 2016 at the nominal value (100 %)
Denomination: EUR100 (minimum investment EUR2,500)
Listed: Requested to be admitted to the official market
Type of emission: This bond is a continuous issue in accordance with Austrian law,
exempt from mandatory brochures in accordance with § 3 (1) 3 KMG
Issue price: To be announced on March 15, 2010. Later on, the price will be adapted
to the current market situation regularly

Stepped coupon mortgage bonds are eligible for trusts, secured by Bank Austria HypothekarDarlehen. Furthermore, UniCredit Bank Austria AG is liable with its total assets.

Secure investments with Bank Austria ErfolgsAnleihe
In addition to the mortgage bonds, Bank Austria offers a wide range of secure investment products with a redemption of 100 per cent at the end of the term, especially two ErfolgsAnleihe bonds. For further details, please contact a nearby branch of UniCredit Bank Austria AG.

Enquiries:Bank Austria Press Office Austria
Martin Halama, Tel. +43 (0) 50505 - 52371
E-Mail: martin.halama@unicreditgroup.at

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