Bank Austria Creditanstalt with excellent results

  • consolidated net income up by 36 per cent to EUR 602 million
  • net income before taxes reaches EUR 836 million (+29 per cent)
  • high profit quality: operating profit increased by 53 per cent to EUR 922 million
  • general administrative expenses in the 4th quarter of 2004 contain one-off costs of EUR 20 million for restructuring measures
  • CEE business segment: net income before taxes increased substantially to EUR 362 million, contributing 43 per cent to net income before taxes of BA-CA Group
  • dividend planned to be increased to EUR 1.50 per share

Preliminary results for 2004:

According to preliminary figures for the 2004 financial year, Bank Austria Creditanstalt's profit after taxes was EUR 602 million, up by 36.1 per cent on the previous year (2003: EUR 442 million). Net income before taxes and minority interests rose by 29 per cent to EUR 836 million (2003: EUR 648 million). Thus Bank Austria Creditanstalt (BA-CA) significantly exceeded its target for net income before taxes, which was raised from EUR 750 million to EUR 800 million during the year.

The high quality of results is reflected in the significant increase in operating profit, which rose by 53.2 per cent to EUR 922 million (2003: EUR 602 million). Business in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) made a particularly strong contribution to this substantial growth in profits: the CEE business segment achieved a substantial increase in net income before taxes from EUR 218 million (adjusted) to EUR 362 million. Accounting for 43 per cent of the BA-CA Group's net income before taxes, the CEE business segment is the most important contributor to Bank Austria Creditanstalt's profits and also the business segment creating the highest value.

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Press conference to present Bank Austria Creditanstalt's preliminary results for 2004 live on the Internet

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