Martin Hehemann to head Group Marketing

Martin Hehemann will head the Group Marketing division of Bank Austria Creditanstalt (BA-CA) for the time being. Hehemann, aged 39, will take over the functions of Gerhard Reidlinger, who tragically died in an accident at the end of October. Mr. Hehemann will also continue to exercise his function as Head of Group Public Relations and as Press Officer of the BA-CA Group.

Martin Hehemann will be assisted by the executive team built by Gerhard Reidlinger - above all, the two heads of department, Peter Drobil (advertising - execution) and Walter Schober (marketing and advertising / private customers). Regarding press activities, Ildiko Füredi (Central and Eastern Europe) and Peter Thier (Austria) will assume increased responsibilities.

Mr Hehemann is married, with one daughter. He has been with BA-CA since 1999.

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Martin Hehemann; Tel.: +43 (0) 50505 ext. 57007;  E-Mail: martin.hehemann@ba-ca.com