The new UniCredit Bank Austria “Privatkundenbank” expands advisory services

  • UniCredit Bank Austria is the leading multi-channel bank in Austria with focus on personal advisory services in 123 branches and via video
  • Advisory service hours in the branches will be extended from 23 April 2019, whereas self-service offerings available around the clock will be enhanced and all cash desks continuously open from 8am
  • SmartBanking offers banking around the clock via phone and qualified personal advice from 8am to 7pm via video, also available in sign language for hearing-impaired customers
  • Locations for affluent private customers will be increased to 31, the Premium Banking entry limit will be lowered to 300,000 euros

As the leading multi-channel bank in Austria, UniCredit Bank Austria is enhancing its services on all channels – online, via video in SmartBanking and in the branches. Based on actual long-term customer behaviour and current market research, UniCredit Bank Austria is expanding its advisory service hours in order to continue to adapt to customer behaviour in the best possible way.

Advisory service hours will be extended starting 23 April 2019 by arrangement from 8am to 7pm in most branches and from 8am to 4pm in some branches. Self-service zones in all branches were expanded further and therefore offer the option of carrying out all essential day-to-day bank transactions (deposits, withdrawals, transfers, coin counting, account information) on a 24/7 basis. Cash desks in all branches will open earlier, at 8am.

Apart from Internet and mobile banking, SmartBanking offers all customers a further option of handling all bank transactions by phone around the clock. Qualified personal advice is offered via video from 8am and 7pm as part of SmartBanking and is also available in sign language for hearing-impaired customers. In addition, the locations for affluent private customers in the branches will be increased from 15 to 31; the Premium Banking entry limit will be lowered to 300,000 euros.

“The behaviour of our customers changes constantly and we have always made an effort to offer forward-looking services. This has made us the leading multi-channel bank in Austria”, said Mauro Maschio, the member of the Management Board of UniCredit Bank Austria responsible for the “Privatkundenbank”. “On the one hand, we are extending the hours of highly qualified advisory services in our branches and furthermore, we are offering these via video as part of SmartBanking, also in sign language for hearing-impaired customers. On the other hand, our customers nowadays can carry out the essential day-to-day banking services online on a 24/7 basis, via phone as part of SmartBanking as well as in the self-service zones in our 123 branches. All cash desks will open earlier at 8am as the greatest demand is in the morning. We are lowering the entry limit for affluent private customers to 300,000 euros and are increasing the Premium Banking locations in the branches from 15 to 31, and therefore are also expanding the customer base in this segment significantly.”

More time for extensive and intensive personal advisory services
Technical solutions today make it possible to manage most and the most important day-to-day bank transactions around the clock, either in the self-service zones in the branches, by phone as part of SmartBanking or also online or by mobile. The focus in relation to personal customer care therefore is on qualified personal advisory services, which UniCredit Bank Austria also offers via video in the form of 100 investment and 100 financing experts. Personal advisory service hours for investments and financing therefore are also enhanced and expanded.

Mauro Maschio emphasises: “The realignment of the ‘Privatkundenbank’ means that we are intensifying the service for our customers precisely in those areas in which we see a current demand on the basis of our market research and the actual customer behaviour. In our view, the future clearly belongs to multi-channel banking which allows us to offer our customers the best on all channels and to intensify our services – with banking around the clock, online and mobile banking services as well as qualified advisory services in our branches and via video. This allows us to provide bank customers with an around the clock, first-class service which meets all customer requirements.”

Quality of UniCredit Bank Austria’s advisory services awarded
Recently, UniCredit Bank Austria was awarded top marks in the area of investment advisory services by the study “Investment Advisory Services Affiliated Banks 2019” conducted by the ÖGVS (Austrian Association for Consumer Studies) and scored top points for requirements and risk analysis and scope of advisory services. UniCredit Bank Austria also ranked top for discretion and branch design among 20 Austrian affiliated banks.

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